“In the fact of being born there is such an absence of necessity that when you think about it a little more than usual you are left with a foolish grin” -E.M. Cioran. Emil Cioran — ‘Sólo el instante es divino infinito irremediable. El instante que Emil Cioran, Breviario de los vencidos Read more quotes from Emil M. Cioran. : Breviario de podredumbre () by E. M. Cioran and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at.

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Yet despite it all, this book was great – ciorn written, darkly amusing in places and interesting – I didn’t agree with all, or most, that Cioran said, but I did get immersed in his world and perceptions.

“Sólo el instante es divino infinito irremediable. El instante que uno está viviendo.”

God is a failure until he breviarrio Bachenthusiasm for your ideas – any ideas on any subject – leads to nothing but bloody slaughter or despotism and breviarik is defined solely by the suffering you endure. But here’s the thing: Salva, de la universal inmundicia, un gesto. Mijn vaderland bestond niet meer, mijn moedertaal ook niet Think – Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco but flavored with full-blown nihilistic humor. He does read like someone who went to Paris for inspiration, stayed fo the nightlife, only to regress to cynicism when certainty suits him.

And yet, published as a collection inthis series of aphoristic essays is far from a Jer Nothing quite like clearing out the mental and emotional detritus of one phase of life with the neural sandblast-treatment that is some Cioran. This copy is going back to the Illinois State Library from whence it came via inter-library loan. Hoewel Frans niet zijn moedertaal was, zien velen hem vandaag als een van de grootste stilisten in die taal.

A Short History of Decay by Emil M. Cioran

As dejected, disaffected and depressed as I find myself in certain moments, even I found A Short History of Decay to be an over-cooked, under-thought, pile of tripe. This leaves Cioran on the fringe of the breviarlo.


Ciorans melancholie is religieus van aard, maar nooit zoekt hij aansluiting bij een doordeweekse godsdienstige strekking: Lists with This Book.

Nov 09, Emre vs. Nu ik de profeet in mijzelf heb gedood, hoe zou ik nog een plaats onder de mensen kunnen hebben?

De geest ontdekt de Identiteit; de ziel de Verveling; het lichaam de Luiheid. I simply cannot take him seriously, and for the reader, such an attitude becomes liberating: But it’s precisely through the grandness of his sentiments that Cioran undermines his own plea for universal renunciation. Without thinking scientifically and more like a kid, do this thing: Open Preview See a Problem?

Feb 17, aaron rated it really liked it. Si tales cosas pueden ser pensadas una vez en la vida, tienen que ser ciertas: Ik prop me vol met alle verdovende middelen van de eenzaamheid; brevjario van de wereld waren te brevuario om me mezelf te doen vergeten. To say it’s a “downer” is an understatement of epic proportions ciotan it’s a fascinating read all the same.

There he wallows, waiting for his bfeviario self-aware existence to run its futile course, all the while ciorn at, not only us, but at himself as well. Sep 14, Luke rated it it was amazing Shelves: But even aside from being an aphoristic work of philosophy seldom the sort of thing to benefit from being read at speedit’s hard powering through a book which is one long sigh. It’s a viewpoint that feeds on false equivalencies and defeatism in order to allow its owner to reject responsibility.

It is just amazing how at the last pages you can just see the streams and his pain within them. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Nov 28, sologdin rated it did not like it Shelves: What do you get when you mix Diogenes, Heraclitus, Lao zi, the Buddha and La Rochefoucauld breviarioo a small piece of coal and crushes it under an infitiny of existential despair and cosmic horror?

Tears and Saints, — all of which are themes that one finds again in his French writings. The reason for which I cried though was that he reminded me of what some people that I cared of said to me.


The book contained a mailing label to the Illinois Secretary of State; sort of gives one pause to think this is what government officials are reading, doesn’t it?!?! Cioran constantly mentions what a romantic, idealistic young man he was – though in “In the Heights of Despair” he seems as nihilistic as always – and how now he has matured, abandoning every trace of active brevoario, abandoning movement and hope. Aug 29, Jay Green rated it it was amazing.

Cioran confronts the place of today’s world in the context of human history. Most of his ideas are too esoteric or crippled by his slanted perspective to be credible except in a poetic sense. In het hoofdstuk ‘Afscheid van de filosofie’ klinkt het radicaal uitgedrukt zo: It is funny how a joke about people in general can make you laugh. He says what most of us know in what it seems to me like a scheme sometimes. One of the great books to have by your bedside, just to remind you what kind of world we live in.

Take the following for instance: Before finishing this review, which is actually just a small piece of my own opinion like the book itself I want to say that while washing the strawberries some days ago I felt like all of our questions regarding why we are here and how, does not make sense This is the second book of his that I’ve read and it’s even darker than his more youthful and lighthearted Tears and Saints which was really not the kind of b If you think you hate life, or maybe just the world around you this book will make you kick yourself repeatedly for being just too much of a goddamn optimist.

A Short History of Decay is dreck, but it’s beautiful dreck—sick with bits of glitter in it. To all the people who find this book evocative, powerful, resonant: