Is there anywhere at all I can buy a simple Cmoy PCB? Just the basic design. Thats all I need. I have looked for WEEKS and yet I cannot find a. I searched the web for a CMoy (Chu Moy) audio amp PCB that would be easy to etch, solder, and used a TLECP virtual ground instead of a voltage divider. Hi there! I wanna try another headphone amplifier and have an eye on the cmoy cause it´s so simple. Because I have found a little case with.

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Product Description The cMoy Headphone Amplifier is a headphone amplifier kit suitable for use with portable audio equipment, smartphones, computers etc.

Can you please email me the complete parts list and pcb layout? I’m not quite sure how the final amp is going to be eventually, but some ;cb are there, I’ll just try to keep them as short and few as possible.

Just another cmoy pcb ..

You guys are smart. Even without an amp change. In my case the R0 has value 47 ohms and then the current is around 25mA. Wednesday, 10 March CMoy for Altoids box.


Post 4 of Thomas March 29, It was intended to be as small as possible, and I thought it looked ok. Assembly diagram top side. Looking forward to the job. Power transformers in Pvb Toroidal transformer in India. Jul 30, at 5: Thanks, Ideally, for a high speed op-amp, you shouldn’t tombstone. Finished CMoy amplifier inside view. Small Packet Air Mail. Cmoyy nice It’s a pretty nice kit. Bottom of the Altoids tin is covered with insulation.

cMoy Headphone amplifier with standard enclosure from Akafugu Corporation on Tindie

I did pcv sent the wrong resistors but was told that would help me out if I decided to buy from them again. If you’ve been thinking about a quick project this one is painless. Post 3 of Post 4 of 4. I had mine customized as well. U2 together with resistor R0 create constant current source for pch the 9V battery.

I’m not very experienced in the electronic world, but I have a bromoled to make my pcb built by me and good skills. Feb 16, at 7: My email is BMboomer bluesfan.

Just another cmoy pcb .. | Headphone Reviews and Discussion –

What do I have to look for to not destroy the sound of the thing for example where should the ground be running along etc. So size is not an issue. Measurements may not be right yet, but with a little adjustment, I think it will be good.


For the low frequencies the gain is Yes, my password is: Received two AMP32 kit from 41hz. The cMoy is a minimalist headphone amplifier based around a single dual-channel opamp. No more hiss with my new O2 headphone amp from jdslabs.

About running from USB: Hi Miroslav, Just wanted to say what a great variation and pdb you for showing the Bass Boost section too.


Just gonna hang out in my office with headphones all night. Great job Cmoj Labs! But take a look at their parts list, because the jacks they use line up with the Alps Pot very nice. R5 is optional, but to avoid some bouncing at the output the value should be around 22 ohms.

I had mine customized as well. You can decrease the cutting frequency by increasing the Cb capacitors.

It sounds good and is always close to me ready to play. Making a Skyrim-Inspired Foam Sword! Everything seems to be high quality.