How is IBM Cognos PowerPlay Studio Different from IBM Cognos Series 7 .. through in a cube using Transformer, with any additional settings configured in. PowerPlay Transformer is a Cognos component used to define OLAP cubes structure and data (in PowerPlay models) and build the multidimensional analysis. COGNOS – Powerplay. Powerplay Transformer combines all of the data into a summarized format called a PowerCube.• The PowerCube.

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Usually it is required to perform allocation when part of the data is coghos only on a higher detail level than other data. Cognos TransformerCognos Tutorial. There are two ways of implementing allocation: Put the PowerCube file name: Ttransformer options allows users for instance to report fiscal years starting from 1 March. Fixed costs – calculated per the whole year. We will get into more details on that options later on in this tutorial.

COGNOS Transformer tutorial ~ interview questions

Cognos Tutorials And Trainings. To add measures to the model, follow the instructions below: Users may filter the report, drill up, down, slice and dice rtansformer the figure will remain constant. The dimensions will have the following hierarchy: But at this stage we don’t want to have Customers grouped by Region, Country and then by Segment becuase it would be not intuitive for the end users.


Do you want to generate categories? Use Cognos 10 Business Insight-Preview and highlig Each source can be expanded and it lists all available columns.

IBM Cognos Transformer

We will analyze the following measures from our tutorial business scenario:. Tutoeial Me Siva Mandala. In the following example we will analyze revenue, constant costs and variable costs.

Keep in mind that Cognos cubes are static and building a PowerCube is a repetitive process cubes may be refreshed every day, every month or even once a year. PowerCubes provide secure and fast data access.

How to change the package for an existing report w CSV or Excel output limitatoins Cognos: Signons – datasource connection information. Fact less Fact Table? Do you want days in the time dimension?

It is addressed to data The Dimensions Map after adding the products dimensions looks like depicted below: The measure will be allocated. Put a name for the PowerCube: We will analyze the following measures from our tutorial business scenario: Insert data into an empty crosstab, nest, replace, sort data in a cube Explore data by changing Go to the PowerCubes window and press Insert key 2.

Justcog Cognos forums Cognos discussion forums where Cognos users may find relevant information in resolving cognos issues. How to treat a week which spans a month?


Cognos Tutorial Trainings Powerplay Movies Analysis Studio Quick

The most active forums are: Do you want months in the time dimension? A Transformer Model can be also created using a wizard with AutoDesign function or manually. Cognos ReportNet navigation – with introduction, system navigation and To add measures to the model, follow the instructions below:.

It is located under Cognos menu entry and is divided into the following sections: It allows creating new dimensions and trnsformer existing tutoriwl an user-friendly graphical interface. Users can browse the source data by using Data Source Viewer.

Reporting and OLAP

Data sources recommendations Column names in a data source must be unique. When all dimensions and measures are set up, we will generate PowerCubes and open it in PowerPlay.

Solutions for issues and Tips on customizing the c Enter ther first day of a particular year yyyymmdd – year value in this setting is not important. Cognos Powerplay Transformer – multiple data sources in a model with the data source definition: We can see a new time dimension in the Dimension Map of the model: Do you want quarter-years in the time dimension?