Using the C1FlexGrid Control > Saving, Loading, and Printing. The C1FlexGrid control has methods that allow you to save, load, and print grids. See Also. The sample demonstrates how to export or import FlexGrid content to/from an Excel xlsx file. To export FlexGrid content, pass the FlexGrid instance to the. This section shows how to call the Web API service project through a client application and add export function for exporting FlexGrid data as an excel.

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True Excel Export for the Web. We can return to the LightSwitch application and open the Excel file. Flexfrid possibility is a crash when accessing one or more forms in iGrafx that use the flexgrid control. ComponentOne Schedulerwe create a public property in the edport behind of the Silverlight control to enable programmatic access of the control in LightSwitch. When we click Importcustom code determines if this is an existing report to update or a new report to insert based on the report name, exporrt date, and the user importing the report.

Online help for ComponentOne Excel: Exporting Flexigrid to Semicolon delimeted File This line: Compression 1 Build Automation 2. Type “cmd” without any quotes and click the Enter key; this starts the command line window.

Using the ComponentOne Excel for Componnetone Control with LightSwitch This may be your best article yet Michael – another phenomenal way to show how powerful Lightswitch is, especially when combined with the tools from a company as great as ComponentOne! Typing in a textarea from a variable. Exporting Flexigrid to Semicolon delimeted File The documentation tells you that the ClipSeparators property contains the column and row delimiters.


In the sample download, we have implemented a New Report button on the Excel screen. We have been informed that MindJet is working with ComponentOne to address this issue in a future release of MindManager. In Windows 7 you may have to type: We attempt to locate the report, and if we cannot find it, we create a new one; otherwise, we open the existing report and delete esport the existing expense items:.


ComponentOne FlexGrid with ComponentOne Export

Data Recovery 1 Compression 5. Subject Author Latest Post How can we implement a keyword driven automation f Iterator IsEOF returning true All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

How can this be done? We also add an ExpenseReport entity and an associated ReportDetails collection to the screen. By the way, I love the use of the FlexGrid with grouping and hyperlinks. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

There are so many opportunities with LightSwitch, and it’s contributions like this that make it easy to answer those, ” If you continue to have issues, and want iGrafx to work, we suggest you uninstall both applications, and then only re-install iGrafx. Cell Range Selection and Clipboard Support. Tooltips for Validation Errors. Creating MSI Packages fo You have to assign the value “;” to the ClipSeparators property of the grid.

This package is automatically added by those packages, there is no need to reference it directly. Jenkins Integration with TestComplete. Calendar provides date range selection, animation, horizontal or vertical navigation, and custom content.

Better understand the signs that your business has outgrown its current database. FlexGrid is a data grid which displays the information in a tabular view. CollectionView provides cross-platform data features like sorting, grouping and filtering.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. The code required for the Export To Excel button on the Excel screen is very simple:. If you’re using a trial version then presumably you got it from ComponentOne, so that’s the logical place to look for accompanying documentation. Handling errors in DDT. If it is an existing report we need to update the report. Results 1 to 8 of 8 Thread: The sample project expands on the Expense Report application covered in the article: For example, in German, the command is:.


Export FlexGrid to Excel

Sign up using Email and Password. We recommend that you back up your registry before any actions that edit the registry. One of the most fascinating things about this sample is how it implements the Calculation Engine that allows the FlexGrid control to implement Excel formulas. Alphabetical Category List under Networking. Stack Overflow works com;onentone with JavaScript enabled.

Why is my data flexrgid saved to my database? When we launch the ExcelBook solution and load a sample Excel report, we see that it implements the ComponentOne FlexGrid for Silverlight control to display the Excel files.

C1 Flexgrid scrolling not working. Custom ControlsApplications. It enables support for advanced features such as pull-to-refresh and incremental, on-demand loading. Edit Data in Spreadsheet or Form View. This one goes row by row, cell by cell generating the output so if you were using a standard datagrid you could use this as a better example. In the command window, in Windows XP, type the following to unregister the MindManager version of the ocx: