Les routeurs Cisco et IOS. Configuration de la route par défaut. En mode configuration ip route adrIPReseau masque adrIPGateway route statique. Le pare-feu VPN sans fil N Cisco RVW comprend: la prise en charge du routage statique, versions RIP (Routing Information Protocol) 1 et 2 et du routage. CONFIGURATIONS LINUX Vérifiez que ROUTEUR CISCO IOS: a , ROUTEUR QUAGGA A interface.

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With dynamic routes, routers can communicate with each other to exchange routing information. Static routing and dynamic routing are not mutually exclusive. The commands to add a static route are as follows: Network Resources Free Router Simulators.

Static routing

Configure a Static Route. According to scenario 1 and scenario 2: Retrieved from ” https: Configuragion —Select to drop packets that are addressed to this destination. This Article Applies to: Static Route Overview Static Route Overview If you decide that you want specific Layer 3 traffic to take a certain rourage without participating in IP routing protocols, you Static route tells the device exactly where to send traffic, no matter what.


Find out more or Sign In. In 2 nd bar, type the IP subnet mask for this destination.

Echanger des routes entre plusieurs VRF – Randco

Choose this option if you want the route used only for multicast traffic. Dynamic routes, on the other hand, use a routing protocol to determine the best path confituration the routes can be changed depending on specific parameters like bandwidth, delay, cost…. IGRP has an administrative distance of To route IP traffic destined for the network We will use two loopback interfaces to simulate two Ethernet LANs.

R1 config ip route Static routing is a form of routing that occurs when a router uses a manually-configured routing entry, rather than information from fisco dynamic routing traffic.

Click the IP or IPv6 tab to specify the These parameters are straightforward and easy to understand.

Exercice de routage statique IPv4 et IPv6 en Cisco IOS

Please turn it on for the best experience. Type the username and password in the login page.

Because there is no route to server1 and server2 on route table of router2, thus the request will be thrown away. IP subnet mask for this address is Sign Up Follow Us www. Choose this option if you want the route used only for unicast configurayion.


As per scenario 2, for single IP address. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

User Application Requirement Updated OSPF has an administrative distance of Therefore, if you want PC to visit servers in intranet, you have to set up a static route on router2 helps your packet route to router1. Static routing can have some potential disadvantages: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

How to configure Static Routing on wireless routers? Multicast —Install the route in the multicast route table available for IPv4 routes only. No Install —Do not install the route in either confighration table.

Step 4 Click Add New…. Well, 1 is the administrative distance AD and 0 is the metric of that static route. Your browser does not support JavaScript.