Aidan McNamara and Martha Brozyna explain contrarian fluctuations and ripple trading for stocks. That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple n in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the. That’s why they’ve created Contrarian Ripple Trading. Written in a straightforward and accessible style, this reliable resource outlines the.

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Subsequently we have seen that the economy has continued to be dominated by companies who sell highly recognizable premium brands supported by heavy marketing and advertising campaigns.

Conventional wisdom has it that paper traders consistently obtain better results than they subsequently manage when they switch to using real ripplle and face actual hits to their wallet if their trades do not work out.

Their buys and sells contratian each and every occasion involve fairly significant blocks of stock. The day traders who were successful, however, did not become rich. These provide comfort if the stock needs to be held for a period of time before the targeted profit figure is reached.

In our case, we took full advantage with a series of ripple trade purchases as the market fell and buy signals started to flash for stocks that we had previously bought and sold: Given that such examples have no basis in reality, they can easily be made to demonstrate whatever writers want in order to provide support for whatever theory they espouse.

Some content that appears in print may not be available in electronic formats.

We have developed a method that consistently generates shortterm profits on trades in large capitalization stocks regardless of whether the market has gone up, down, or sideways. As will be seen from Chapter 3, this is an obsession that appears to have its foundation in Dow Theory, an investing strategy with a long pedigree that has influenced the thought and actions of investors and traders alike for over a century, and is the rripple of technical analysis.


As their avoidance of the stock in question drove the price down, these fearful professional investors did not feel comfortable diving in for what ought to have been considered a bargain by any rational investor. Other editions – View all Contrarian Ripple Trading: Scalpers realize rrading only if they clntrarian make dozens of such small profitable trades that will add up over the course of the trading day, can they achieve trading results that are meaningful.

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For Dow Theorists, secondary reaction moves are considered to be the means by which the market ensures that excessive speculation and possible overheating or cooling of markets is kept in check. The second type of day trader are scalpers.

Table of contents for Contrarian ripple trading

Our straightforward technique is based on an easy-to-understand, yet effective equities trading strategy using predominantly tradinv, large-capitalization company stocks. An uptrend contdarian detected by prices forming a series of higher highs and higher lows.

So why read on? We like to think of the gaining of an extra income through short-term trading in the same way as taking on an additional paying job. Companies issue a limited number of shares, so when this finite number is then subsequently traded on a stock exchange, the level of supply in that particular stock on any particular day is constant and unchanging.

A Simple Way to Buy Low and Sell High

ISBN cloth 1. Can you imagine hordes of people arriving at a shopping mall the day after Thanksgiving when many retailers irpple shoppers by marking down their prices, and being disappointed at the bargains? As an aside, we have yet to find any stock trading or investing guru willing to publish a book in which his or her own recent trading record is revealed in its entirety for all to see.

A study done by the North American Securities Administrators Association in to found that ripppe percent of day traders lost money.

They claim to never sell their losers. Professionals and amateurs alike feel more and more comfortable with the short-term approach and the search for quick profits. Between andU. The authors start with the premise that contrarians are essentially misunderstood by most. Where they are short-term, lasting days, hours, minutes, or perhaps even just a few seconds, they are better thought of as fluctuations. If your purchase is made purely according to chart patterns and trends pointing in the right direction for just a few minutes, then you do not need to have any real knowledge at all of what the underlying stock represents in terms of an actual business enterprise.


Therefore, just because a stock is out of favor does not mean that it is a screaming buy. However if they made it easy to figure this out in the bookstore, no one would take the book home. We are, however, completely supportive of the concept that market movements contain patterns that recur over and over again and thus can be indicative of future trends in the market.

McNamaraMartha A. There are two principal types of day traders. The downside is that the investor ties up his funds for perhaps many years and thus pays an opportunity cost of having the funds unavailable for other purposes during the time they are locked away.

Contrarian Ripple Trading: A Low-Risk Strategy to Profiting from Short-Term Stock Trades

This ignores one small fact. That is not to say that day trading has ever really been a great way to make easy money. We have learned this skill through direct trading experience and, in the case of Aidan, over 13 years of successful trading using precisely this technique.

Again, just as you would not turn down a promotion at work because the higher salary would mean paying more in tax, the differing levels of taxation applied to long-term rrading short-term trading gains should not dissuade you from trading if this seems the more lucrative path overall for you. This includes brokerage interest received on cash balances, which has not been taken into consideration in trading profit calculations above.