If you fail to remove DRM from AZW4 files with the guide link above, please try to install this modified DeDRM plugin. This plugin is modified to. Kindle DRM Removal quickly and easily remove azw/azw1/azw3/azw4 ebook DRM protection with 1-click. it produce a new nodrm ebook file. Then I imported it into Calibre (after installing a plugin that removes the DRM). Then I tried to convert it from its existing format (AZW4) to ePub.

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They would love to be a monopoly on everything then raise their prices, that is why I buy on eBay and other places.

Amazon started out as a good company then turned into the worst most evil greedy company besides FB and the others. After you de-DRM your Kindle books, you will be able to read them on your Kindle as per usual, but you will also be able to convert your ebooks The Essential Ebook Converter Guide The Essential Ebook Converter Guide There are many different file types for ebooks, so you may want to convert one at some point.

The main reason of this change is because the azw4 file is Amazon exclusive PDF format. You can refer to this method. Reading back on these old comments, it seems some people just don’t get it – I’ve paid for the book so the author and all related parties are compensated regardless of whether I’m reading it on my android device, ipad, computer, smartwatch, or print it out. Here’s why I want to de-DRM: Click “Open” button to find these new Kindle Books when all the files are converted successfully.


Thank you for your help. If you try it out, let me know in the comments how it went.

These are the folder names I got:. There is a file with that name, but it won’t “let me” access it with the directions that you give.

Several methods are listed below to help you solve this problem quickly. After you add the ebooks to Calibre, it dmr run automatically and convert all the ebooks. Bolches yarboclos pa todos los DRM jabronis.


Not sure just where the ‘reply’ goes here, seeing that it’s not under Julianna’s response, but no Julianna, I don’t consider myself an “obnoxious, pushy, irritating straight arrow”. But I’m not one of those people – every song, movie, game, app, and book has been paid for. I am so glad I got Calibre I hope it works for me.

The DRM has been remove, you see the essential element of this file. There are convery tools On the Kindle, it looks just like any other book cover image and all, if you have the new Kindle Paperwhite. I have been after this method for a long time. For more help with this, check out our Calibre manual at zaw4 Sorry Mary, that was not in reply to you, thought I was making my own comment. It’s all about the money they make from reselling the same content to legitimate users repeatedly.


So, in this case, I feel it’s relatively safe to assume that the books readers will strip will be their own books which they bought with hard-earned money.

Kindle AZW DRM Removal – Remove DRM from Kindle AZW/AZW3/AZW4 Books

It worked just as you said. After you download and install this DRM removal, you can immediately open and run this program. I did this with about 50 books or so and didn’t get a single error What exactly is it saying when you drag the book into Calibre? Too know, the kind that’s forever lecturing people over miniscule, harmless garbage? Now we need to get at the actual files for axw4 books.

If they don’t like it they delete the illegal copy to free up valuable dr, drive space and, if they couldn’t download it illegally wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Does this method generally work with your books, and only these two still retain the DRM? After all, medical knowledge should be free, especially when written by doctors. I don’t like the Kindle reader I can still convert previously downloaded kindle books, using the Calibre converter.