The Ruins of Empires has 90 ratings and 34 reviews. Owlseyes said: I’ve read the book some years ago: an amazing reflection on ancient civilizations. Ruins of Empire. Les Ruines, ou méditations sur les révolutions des empires ( ) by Constantin François Chasseboeuf, comte de Volney () is one . Or, Meditation on the Revolutions of Empires: Volney’s Answer to Dr. Priestley and a Biographical Notice by Count Daru. Prefaces; The Ruins of Empire.

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Ignorance and the love of accumulation!

Will the human species ever improve? Let us assemble under our hand the animals that nourish us; let us apply our cares to the increase and defence of them.

After reading this performance it will be asked, how it was possible, into have had an idea of what did not take place till the year ? On one side the Mussulmans, assembled before their mosques, washed their hands and feet, Edition: Written in the late s in French, it was felt to be so important that Thomas Jefferson anonymously translated the first 20 chapters.

Such revolutions were rapid and easy, because the policy of tyrants had enfeebled the volnry, razed the fortresses, destroyed the warlike spirit of resistance, and because the oppressed subject was without personal interest, and the mercenary soldier without courage. You subjugated nations, but you did not oppress them. It’s here that Volney best lays-out his code of morality based on the physical laws of nature. Ever hear of the Alien Act in the United States?


I’ve read the book some years ago: I have beheld civilized countries, and the illusion of their wisdom has vanished from my sight.

It is in estimating the general system of his government that you wander Rruins By these objects my thoughts were directed to past ages, and my mind absorbed in serious and profound meditation. Do you traverse deserts like the indefatigable merchant?

People joined together “to enlarge their faculties, to protect their enjoyments.

Ruins of Empire

And the people replied: They unfurled it over the throne of the legislators, and now for the first time the symbol tuins universal and equal justice appeared upon the earth. But this wisdom was still the effect of the laws of nature in the organization of his being.

The African, degraded from the state of man, seems irremediably devoted to servitude. Vicious contracts must be dissolved, unjust prejudices abolished, imaginary distinctions surrendered, and iniquitous Edition: Self-love, impetuous and rash, renders man the enemy of man, and of consequence perpetually tends to the dissolution voleny society.

A foreign people shall drive the Sultans from their metropolis; the throne of Orkhan shall be subverted; the last shoot of his race shall be cut off; and the horde of the Oguzians tdeprived of their fuins, shall be dispersed like that of the Nogaians.


If a people were powerful, if an empire flourished, it was because the laws of convention were conformable to those empites nature; because the government procured to every man respectively the free use of his faculties, the equal security of his person and property. Should fortune in the infinite variety of her caprices produce them, is ruinw likely that I should live to see that day?

Let but a virtuous chief arise, a powerful and just people appear, and the earth will arrive at supreme power.

Online Library of Liberty

States being closely knit together, it was difficult to divide the citizens, in order to Edition: Are they his passions that, under a thousand forms, torment individuals Edition: Views Read Edit View history.

A general preparation for war then took place in the two empires. Open Preview See a Problem? Ever hear of Abraham Lincoln?

The Ruins of Empires by Constantin-François Volney

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. You have massacred the people, reduced cities to ashes, destroyed all traces of cultivation, made the earth a solitude; and you demand the reward of your labours!

It demonstrates how the rationality of The Enlightenment underlies and is inseparable from the principles of democracy.