lumes Finis des écoulements diphasiques eau-vapeur. au cours du calcul (ce problème est d’ailleurs reproduit par tous les schémas. 1 sept. l’écoulement diphasique, mais perçoit néanmoins les déséquilibres Au cours du processus de moyenne duquel dérivent les modèles. Institut de mécanique des fluides de Toulouse. Résumé. On établit les équations locales de bilan d’un écoulement diphasique dispersé isotherme, à partir de.

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For this, a method of liquid film flow thickness measurement is developed in a quartz Hele-Shaw cell. On montre d’abord que la propagation de ces ondes eckulement pas toujours completement determinee par les conditions initiales, les conditions aux limites et les conditions de choc.

Ce que disent les traits du visage. The same generic numerical scheme is used to impose the embedded boundary conditions. Nous montrons ensuite que ces conditions supplementaires peuvent etre deduites de l’analyse de la structure interne des detonations et des deflagrations magnetodynamiques. Flaubert uses historical, anthropological and psychiatric knowledge which legitimates the organization of the text while at the same time he deconstructs this body of knowledge.

En particulier, l’auteur a trouve une correlation entre les echelles lagrangiennes et le coefficient de frottement lorsque le nombre de Reynolds varie. We find that the matrix permeability plays a significant role near a percolation threshold.

Closing relations adapted to dispersed flows with isothermal bubbles and without phase transformation are proposed and focus on the momentum transfer at the interfaces. The second part deals with the experimental work: Une detection optique ecoupement de la presence des phases permet un traitement conditionnel de la base de donnees. Downcomer boiling phenomena is one of the key issues for a postulated large-break LOCA LBLOCA in a conventional pressurized water reactor, because it can degrade the hydraulic head of the coolant in the downcomer and consequently affect the reflood flow rate for a core cooling.

Ce procede, tres eoulement, ne perturbe pas l’ ecoulement.

The experimental study has been carried out on a one-meter scale device in laboratory and allowed to assess the role of normal stress on the flow rate in interface. On a introduit dans les equations generales les termes ecoulementt a la tension. The study of these natural fracture surfaces at micro and macroscopic scale is completed by a theoretical modelization of their hydro-mechanical behaviour. A framework of analysis The parameters of the latter may be computed solving small scale closure problems on a representative volume.


Several frequencies and amplitudes of oscillations were taken into account in order to gain insights in unsteady effects in the boundary layer, and to create a database for validating wall models in such context. First, a two-velocity two-pressure model is used, where non-instantaneous velocity and pressure relaxations are applied so that a balancing of these variables is obtained.

les ecoulements diphasiques: Topics by

Structure and kinematics of bubble flow; Structure et cinematique des ecoulements diphasiques a bulles. Their we make a revue of the two-phase models, defining their validity domains. This work deals with the numerical simulation of turbulent flows in the whole nuclear reactor core, using multi-scale approaches.

On the phenomenon of the reversal of the cooling current in the hot pipes of a swimming-pool type pile cooled by forced convection; Sur un phenomene de renversement du courant de refrigeration dans les canaux chauds d’une pile piscine refroidie en convection forcee.

Le CRDI appuie la recherche dans les. The main feature of the method is the use of measured pressure along lines in the flow direction near the tunnel walls. Enrichissement des melanges gazeux binaires. Les lueurs des sables.

In the second one, called thin interface, the approximate immersed boundary lies on sides of mesh cells. Les caracteristiques de la cellule moyenne representative de chaque point de fonctionnement en sont deduites: J aborde l h Using a fractional step approach, a Finite Volume method is at last constructed to simulate this model. The characteristics of two-phase flow are described, together with their main consequences on the operational scheme. During the shutdown, since the temperature decreases in the pipeline, the gel-like structure builds cohrs and the main difficulty concerns the issue of restarting.

Moreover, the EDC model is as efficiency as the kinetic to compute the reaction rate in ecouleemnt reactor. Objective of this thesis is to extend this approach diphasiqus more inertial particles that occur in practical applications such as fuel droplets in gas turbine combustors.


Nuclear industry flows are most of the time characterized by their high Reynolds number, density variations at low Mach numbers and a highly unsteady behaviour low to moderate frequencies.

The AC loss performances and stability remains at the best level up to date. Roughness of the type ‘disrupter of the boundary layer’ was set up using triangular threads of 0. Furthermore, a new relaxation scheme is proposed to approach the interfacial transfers.


Equations aux variables locales instantanees et conditions d’interface; 2. The frictions in the monophase domain have been taken into account.

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A double probe associated with a device the principle of which is given in this report, permits the measure of the local velocity of bubbles. Among the subjects which were covered, one can quote as examples: The Lagrangian functional technique usually used for incompressible viscoplastic flows, is adapted to compressible situations. The use of Chapman-Enskog expansions enables us to link the different existing models to each other.

Gas-oil relative permeabilities and average gas saturation versus time are measured.

Then, the combined effects of compressibility and thixotropy have beneficial influence ecoylement the restart issue. The participants contribute to the collective objective of breaking down the stigma that surrounds mental illness.

Unfortunately, hydrodynamic instabilities may occur whenever gas and liquid flow in a pipeline, generating serious operating problems.

Such a barrier is characterized by a high pressure gradient and is submitted to Ccours edge localized mode instabilities. The author has devised very sensitive techniques making it possible to study the flow of two-dimensional phases in micro-porous bodies.