In his gripping debut novel, acclaimed picture book author John Coy presents the high stakes world of high school football, where doing what it takes to win. Crackback [John Coy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his gripping debut novel, acclaimed picture book author John Coy presents the. Crackback [John Coy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Miles is in a tough situation on what to do. Manning is a incredible football player but not the smartest student or individual.

Crackback by John Coy | Scholastic

His father saw him do very good on a game, and the main character found out why he is always hard on him, and they stopped fighting. He would have had an older brother but the baby died when the baby was six months iohn. Their season is still alive, can he come back crrackback save it? He has pressure on his shoulders from his coaches and especially his dad. It also made me appreciate my coaches and family more than I had before.

For example Miles got an interception in the begining of the game and at the end of the game the score was and coach Stahl said to I am still reading crackback by Jhon Coy. His dad clearly has faith in his son and tells him to never give up and that “no one is perfect at anything”. So, I was really curious about Jon Coy the author because naturally you wonder who would let anyone publish a book like this? Miles is just a regular teenager, except that he is great at football.

Feb 10, Ahmed Farhan rated cracback it was amazing. Then one day, Miles’ best friend gives him steroids to take. It is about a Kid named Miles Manning, and he is a junior in high school. Each chapter is short with a clear purpose. I really enjoyed reading this book because it felt like I was Miles in some ways and we were both going through some of the same things together. What’s the Name o When I started to read this book I thought it was going to be about a team that goes to state in a big game and wins it by a little.


The season starts off well, and Miles is playing good. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone teenager or football fan who likes to read about the life of football players, and the pressure that they have on them. He meets a new girl that he falls for and constantly is thinking of her.

For example, the whole story, the main character had problems cracckback his football coach, father, and some problems with relationships with some people at school. During this prank, Miles gets caught and is chased down through a forest. Miles later found out that some of his teammates were using steroids, even his best friend was using them too.

Feb 15, Tee Whited rated it liked it.

Flat and Round characters. And also they are starting to drink beer and smoke. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Miles has to get somethings figured out so that he can get some jonn time. The crackbaco is also coming up and he has someone he wants to ask on his mind.

He tried to ask a girl out to the homecoming dance and was rejected. Then the next chapter is always completely different from the last.

He has to overcome the new coach taking over yelling at him to do things that he has never done before. It sometimes felt like I was in each game because John Cot uses very good detail. Besides all that Miles is a very tough kid and is put through a lot by others.



Miles Manning, the main character, is the star of the football team and his best friend Zack are a great duo on the field, but this all changes when one day Zack gives Miles a caffeine boost pill to enhance his game play on the field. This story is about a high schooler named Miles Manning. Cracoback football team is predicted to win the conference and then go to state championships. The fourth criteria that I used to judge this book is how well the book moves.

Sports people I feel for sure should read this one because it might describe them. Open Preview See a Problem? Crackback is about a Miles Manning who plays football at his high school team and runs into some problems. When Zack offers Miles the steroids, Miles rejects them.

The devices used make you feel more apart of the book and act how you the reader would conquer your troubles. His family consists of a loving mother, a very serious father, and an eight-year-old sister named Martha. Crackback is a captivating, crackbacl novel if you like sports, and for this reason, I would recommend the book.

Through the course of the season he grows and matures as he is molded into a man. The book goes really deep to give you a good picture in your mind. Overall, crackbback is a great book, and I would definitely read it again.

So bad, he’s out for the season.