with a Postcript coauthored by Michael W. GoheenIn print for two decades and translated into eight languages, Albert Wolters’s classic. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview Albert M. Wolters is professor of religion and theology and of classical languages at. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview eBook: Albert M. Wolters: : Loja Kindle.

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When one reads the book with the postscript in mind, the book comes closer to its own stated goal.

Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview – Albert M. Wolters – Google Books

Eerdmans is proud to publish many books that have remained in print for decades – true classics that have stood the test of time. God created the world, human responsibility has been important right from the cultural mandate onwards, the fall in sin affected not only humanity but the whole of creation, and redemption has a similar cosmic scope.

The postscript to the second edition of the book addresses several of its earlier weaknesses. This also means that no sphere has the right to control or dominate any other sphere e. Instead the Christian seizes on what is good in a particular order and strengthens it; he seeks to bend fallen aspects of life back toward the correct creational norms.

The reformational worldview takes all the key terms in this regainex Trinitarian confession in a universal, all-encompassing sense. Old Testament General Works. Second, Wolters fails to distinguish between what might be called elements and their forms.

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Don’t Miss a Thing! I am correct in interpreting ceation Creation Regained is from a distinctly postmillenial perspective? In fact, the already-not yet means that Christians presently undergo suffering and conflict because the antithesis between the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world is sharpened in this period. It shapes meaning, understanding, perceptions, the moral imagination, etc.

February 16, at 6: This is a fairly academic book. Direction refers to the degree to which a creational entity and given Wolters’ broad view of creation this can refer both to the natural order and to human institutions is perverted by the fall or is being brought back to conformity to creational law.

Aug 10, Cali Bakker rated it did not like it Shelves: These are the appropriate questions of philosophy, but they are much more practical when we think of them in terms of, say, voting.

I actually think that you in particular should view the concepts of structure and direction as friends: So the whole point of salvation is to salvage a sin-disrupted creation. He supports this view by highlighting Scripture passages in which these seemingly diverse concepts are brought together 2 Peter 3: In the preface Wolters recommends that the book is read as a companion volume to other more extensive treatments of the material.

Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview. Because it involves world view and not the pure, inspired gospel, it will involve opinions and lots of reasoning to come to anything like a sensible position. Aug 02, Sarah Moerman rated it liked it.

Creation Regained – Albert M. Wolters : Eerdmans

And while it is true that the theory of music was created by GOd and therefore good, any song or, by extension, genre is a human creation and therefore either good or evil. Al Wolters lays out the foundation of the Dutch Reformed school of theology. Furthermore, the scope of the restoration is as wide as the scope of the fall.


So I agree with you that the act of creating technology is structural, and the raw materials with which we create technology woltera structural, but that which we create as moral human agents is already directional.

Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview

Indeed, being obedient to God by having faith in Jesus Christ is where the real significance for our lives is. Thus, Wolters is clearly setting out to defend a transformationalist approach to culture as opposed to the two kingdom doctrine.

Request a Review Copy. Both the purpose and the subject are linked clearly to the sub-title of the regaijed. This is a question we must all answer.

Yet that is not where the stress of the New Testament lies; its stress lies on the church. Mar 10, Anggun Albsrt rated it really liked it. It does seem that methodological controls for determining what counts as a structural element and what is a direction are difficult to come by.

The fall corrupted nature, and grace is the restoration of nature. Mar 25, Paul S. God can be trusted that he will not let go the works of his hands.