El cultivo de protoplastos en cítricos y su potencial para el mejoramiento genético. Article (PDF Available) · July with 1, Reads. Export this citation. Results 80 – 90 Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , R.R. Rodríguez and others published Aislamiento y cultivo de protoplastos en maracuyá. Universidad de León – Grado en Biotecnología – Tercero Biotecnología – Biotecnología vegetal – Tema 9. Cultivo de protoplastos e hibridación somática.

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Somaclonal variation in potato. Final concentration was protoplasts per millilitre. Interspecific hybridization between the cultivated potato Solanum tuberosum subspecies tuberosum L.

A rapid calli proliferation was observed after colonies developed.

Tema 9. Cultivo de protoplastos e hibridación somática

Tissue culture response in various wild and cultivated Solanum germplasm accessions for exploitation in potato breeding. Non-transgenic applications of plant tissue culture in potato. This study shows that somatic hybrid potato plants can be obtained by the fusion method presented. Regeneration of isolated protoplasts to plants in Solanum dulcamara. Prior to fusion, protoplasts from Cultio.


Cultivo y fusion de protoplastos [1990]

RAPD and chromosomal analysis of the hybrids are also presented. Fusion-treated protoplasts were cultured in V-KM medium supplemented with bovine serum albumin.

RAPD markers for confirmation of somatic hybrids in the dihaploid breeding of potato Solanum tuberosum L. Literature cited Austin S. When colonies had developed, alginate beads were despolimeryzed using 20 mM sodium citrate solution in sorbitol 0,3 M, pH 7,4 and gently shaking.

Chromosome observations indicated that all hybrids were aneuploids. Identification of somatic hybrids is a requisite for the effective exploitation of the protoplasts fusion in potato improvement. With their assistance, you can become well prepared and can avoid having to retake exams.

Genetic Resourses Conservation and Characterization Division.

New York, NY The authors would like to thank cultivp International Potato Center for financial support and to Martha Williams de Castro who revised the English version of this article. Molecular characterization of inter- and intra-specific somatic hybrids protoplatsos potato using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA RAPD markers. An analysis of putative fusion products is essential to confirm hybrid status Masuelli et al.


Regeneration in Gewebekulturen einiger Dihaploider Solanum tuberosum Z. Earn while you study. Production of somatic hybrids between frost – tolerant Solanum commersonii and Solanum tuberosum: Molecular genetic characterization of plant somatic hybrids.

Cultivo de protoplastos de yuca y Stylosanthes

To select hybrids, regeneration of in vitro plants was subjected to RAPD analysis. In this paper we describe the fusion of leaf protoplasts of S. Interspecific somatic hybrids between wild potato Solanum acaule Bitt.

Somatic hybrids obtained by protoplast fusion between Solanum tuberosum L. Improvements in regeneration from protoplasts of potato and studies on chromosome stability. Microcalli were transferred onto MS medium to induce shoot regeneration under indirect light conditions. Identification of somatic hybrids of dihaploid S.

Root tips were stained by lacto-propionic orcein. Protoplasts fusion from S. Segundo curso Primer curso.