The House of Hunger has ratings and 42 reviews. Keith Mark said: When I was reading House of Hunger, I thought to myself that in our class discussion. PDF | In a description of nationalist poems about “a golden age of black heroes; of myths and legends and sprites” (Marechera 74), the narrator. DAMBUDZO MARECHERA’S. THE HOUSE OF HUNGER AND BLACK SUNLIGHT. KERRY VINCENT ybridity, according to many critics, is the defining mark of.

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O’Neill rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. This stream-of-consciousness account of the schizophrenia and brutality of the colonized condition went on to win the prestigious Guardian First Book Award inwith Marechera being immediately recognized as an avant-garde minstrel whose search for new ways to communicate placed him in the tradition of modernists such as Joyce, Beckett and Soyinka. Marechera grew up in troubled times.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The effect is disquieting, and can, as in The House of Hunger, be little short of horrifying: But he marecheta not making any sound.

The House of Hunger is a nunger story collection that was the first book by Zimbabwean writer Dambudzo Hhnger —published three years after he left university. Pretty boring and just couldn’t get into it. It is so for the feminists. A brilliant student, he received a scholarship to read English at New College, Oxford, to which he responded with extreme alienation and was to be sent down in his second year for a series of provocations, including threats to burn down New College.

In the prefatory essay to The House of Hunger — a collection including the eponymous novella and eleven other aphoristic, semi-autobiographical sketches — the Zimbabwean writer Dambudzo Marechera sets out his relationship with the English language. Aug 29, Mike Cahoon rated it liked it. It is a short story collection that was the first book by Zimbabwean writer Dambudzo Marechera.

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Startled, I looked up. He has been called the “African Joyce”, but the description is somewhat glib.

A brief survey of the short story, part 54: Dambudzo Marechera

The last short consisting of a conversation between a Rasta and a cop about what abuse and corruption really mean at their core. The House of Hunger. Hence feminist writers also adopt the same tactics.

I don’t think you can “like” or “dislike” this text because it’s a disturbing, unsettling and thought-provoking read. To view it, click here. Marechera is a challenging writer.

Trivia About The House of Hunger. The House of Hunger by Dambudzo Marechera. The House of Hunger shocked me, not because it brought me the news about some dambydzo of brutality or another—literature from every continent and era has made that more or less routine—but because I was shocked by the words on the page, the book in my hands.

The House of Hunger – Wikipedia

The short stories are sublime. Jun 02, Noel Kus rated it really liked it. Want to Read saving….

The vividness of the worldview expressed in this novel and the intense nihilism probably fit awkwardly in the halls of Oxford or in the plush living rooms of English intelligentsia. Nov 13, John rated it liked it. Commenting on the semi-autobiographical nature of the book, April McCallum has said: Dambudzo is another name for language. She spoke of many things, and fragments of things. Even though “the rock and grit of the earth denied this,” the attempt still remains and it was inspired by a woman Soweto burned while I was sunk in deep thought about an editor’s rejection slip.

The heart of Marechera’s work, as these examples suggest, is a bleak territory. The Guardian ‘ s Guardian Fiction Prize. Jan 07, Bwesigye bwa Mwesigire added it. The same can also be said if someone has autistic tendencies, then doesn’t automatically mean they are autistic. The House of Hunger is as much a product of being down and out sleeping rough, being beaten up by thugs and policeman alike and struggling with alcoholism, as it is of the Rhodesia it describes It woke her up.


Passages of the novella were incredibly grounding and embodies something of what it means to be human in a postcolonial world. Known as the “enfant terrible of African literature” and “Africa’s response to Joyce”, Dambudzo Marechera has been dismissed by some as mad and applauded by others as a genius.

Aug 29, Nduduzo Majola added it.

The House of Hunger by Dambudzo Marechera

It’s easy to pick up that Marechera was a poet as well, the novel is atmospheric, slightly non-linear, and uses forceful abstract language. When I was reading House of Hunger, I thought to myself that in our class discussion on Tuesday, many people are going to criticize the novella for anti-feminist characteristics.

I first heard of Marechera from BBC radio 4. Much of it is memorable, and I’m glad I’ve read it, but it is troubling. Zimbabwe does not seem like a wonderful place to live.

And yet it was I who had started it all. The sense of futility sprang from the ethnic polarization of the liberation struggle as well the violence perpetrated by the guerrillas against civillians. Novelist Drew Johnson said in Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Houes hay escuadrones de mosquitos acampando en la cuna de nuestro futuro.