Title, Reflections on the Christ Findhorn lecture series. Author, David Spangler. Edition, 3. Publisher, Findhorn, ISBN, , This classic book, first published in , shows some of the beginnings of the spiritual work of David Spangler while co-director of the Findhorn Community and . One of today’s most influential New Age authors and lecturers, David Spangler, teaches on Lucifer and “Christ.” In his book Reflections on the Christ, Spangler.

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Reflections on the Christ – David Spangler – Google Books

I don’t accept jesus as anyone’s personal lord and saviour because he was just a man and we make our own future. You need love which can be found only in Jesus Christ. Shame on you David Spangler. This article will lead you to another Lucifer article on their site.

David Spangler never said such a thing and has no ties whatsoever to the United Nations. What is revealed will shock you!! Spangler is one of the clearest visionaries I know and this book goes into the depths of understanding the energetic reality of the Christ consciousness and many other aspects of Christian belief, opening our understanding tremendously.

Reflections On The Christ

Let me share with you, the literary biography of David Spangler, which directly reference this quote, and where it manifests itself from: I think, as many do, that U. Satan now controls most of the ways we become functional. They’ve said it, and now we have proof of what they are up to” The true light of this great being can only be recognized when one’s own eyes can see with the light of the Christ, the light of the inner sun.


Evil wins when the good become divided. The ancient Chinese called this aspect the con man. This is why these luciferians want your guns.

Questionable Quote by David Spangler – Liberty Quotes

Which God says is the punishment reserved for the devil and his angels. Without the context, the reader does not know exactly what point the author is making, thus people tend to become more villified than they actually should be.

The New Age movement is very satanic and worship the devil. This is the Luciferic initiation. David Spangler American spiritual philosopher, author, considered one of the founding figures of the modern New Age movement. He has rewritten the book on what we know to be dysfunctional so we cant fix it. And the father of teh so much so that Satan believes and has deceived himself that he will win this spiritual war against God and will win and reign over humans.

This is the Luciferic initiation. If we accept it spanhler he is free and we are free.

Or, at least, have any of you gone to the Library to cross reference this quote they do have books at the Library still, do they not? For someone like me, it’s absolutely chilling to watch what appears to be fulfillment of these predictions. Leadbeater, a leading occultist, Theosophist, and Freemason during the early years of the 20th century, revealed that initiation resulted in a “born again” experience.

Jesus is the Only Way. I think the truth, lies inside each of us.


Julius caesar is the father of jesus caesarian ; the story of Noah is the same as the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh; the story of the crucifixion of jesus was inspired from the story of Vitellius. You will face the penalty of siding with the dark one, you and every other child-desecrating piece of scum you affiliate with. And it is evolving with the times. Jul 11, Roger Buck rated it did not like it. That is the Luciferic Initiation. The New Age movement, with its occult roots, embraces this Being — whether New Spanger practitioners realize it or not.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Living spanglef Findhorn in the late 80s, I came to see Spangler as the wisest, sanest living author I knew.

David Spangler Quote

Carl Teichrib, a Canadian-based researcher and writer on globalization, is Chief Editor of Forcing Change — a monthly intelligence journal engaged in analyzing and documenting global economic, political, and socio-religious trends. Aradia marked it as to-read Jan 04, Across the world it’s the same.

In essence, initiation is the doorway allowing one to pass from old ways into new systems, structures, and forms.

Liberty Quotes sent to your mail box daily. May it be a blessing to you. Want more Liberty news? At the end of the talk, spangldr jokingly called this transformative encounter with one’s psychological Shadow a “Luciferic Initation”.