There are several ways of executing files and applications from Delphi. All use the ShellAPI unit and either the ShellExecute or ShellExecuteEx. Launch files and programs from your code using Delphi. ShellExecute is Delphi Windows API function that is mostly used for launch external applications from our Delphi application. This function is.

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That said, ShellExecute doesn’t report errors in a sane way and you should never use it. ShellExecute Handle, ‘explore’, PChar ‘c: It just nothing happens.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘http: So Delphi provides so many shellxeecute ways to send mail from our Delphi application. For this Excel or later should have installed in our system. Of course, you should never hard-code such a string, since it may be different on different systems. If shellexecutte program accepts one or more parameters, you can enter these in the second edit-box.


Use CreateProcess to create processes. TObject ; var ExecuteResult: ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘command.

If you have shellexeute resolve shell verbs, use ShellExecuteEx which does have proper error reporting. Can I print documents from within my program, without explicitly starting the application that created the document, such as: A handle to the parent window used for displaying a UI or error messages. In order to use the function, you first need to add the ShellApi to your uses clause, like: If the checkbox is checked, the demo will wait for the completion of the external program.

I can’t imagine why you shlelexecute this.

The Game Launches and the language is in russian if i put ‘-lang eng’ it still works fine and the game is in english. The simplest method is: ShellExecute Handle, ‘open’, PChar ‘c: Can you be more specific please?

ShellExecute in Delphi

This leads on to the fact that you should never call ShellExecute. Sometime we need some special directories path from Microsoft Windows system to store User data or to copy some files etc.


Never ever call it. What happens next, depends from the state of the “Wait for termination” checkbox:. It is trivially easy to launch your process.

AndreasRejbrand Actually, ShellExecute is basically useless when it comes to reporting errors. I have collected some of ways which are very useful for Delphi developers. ShellExecute Handle, ‘print’, PChar ‘c: There was not enough memory to complete the operation. Also the title bar changes to “Waiting for completion of Of course, you have read the ShellExecute documentation carefully, so you know what the return values are.

When i want to relocate the launcher outside this folder i use this command: EXE file is invalid non-Win