With respect to Pennsylvania, for example, see TROSTLE () vol. See, RICE () p. , citing Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Centesimus Annus . FOUNDATION “CENTESIMUS ANNUS – PRO PONTIFICE”. International Conference. “Family, Business: overcoming the crisis with new forms. necesidades fundamentales de toda la sociedad” (Centesimus Annus, 35). Toda actividad económica deberá reconocer el hecho de que somos hijos de Dios y.

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The main task that human society has given its judges since the beginning of time is to establish justice in each particular case: Without it, there is no real peace in society. Although countries do not officially recognise revenues coming from organised crime, some of them nevertheless do include this data in their GDP. It is estimated that 40 million people are victims of the modern forms of slavery and trafficking in terms of forced labour, prostitution, organ trade and drug trafficking.

The 60 million displaced persons and million refugees created as a consequence of war, terrorism and climate change, are a breeding ground for traffickers. Justice has come a long way — but not far enough — in this globalised world. The violence that has become pervasive in contemporary society is proof of this. It is sadly common — but all too superficial — to reduce violence to pure physical aggression. New forms of slavery, wounded bodies and souls, organ procurement, forced labour, kidnapping, terrorism and wars based on dishonest motives and other spurious interests are all strong manifestations of revenge and prevarication.

In other words, violence is born of the presumption of individuals or groups taking the law into their own hands and when human beings possess other human beings as their own property. Essentially, justice combats not only blunt violence, but also the many hidden forms of subtle violence that I have mentioned above.


Centesimus annus – Wikipedia

In short, justice combats revenge and prevarication, which are the most dramatic simulations of justice: In this sense, the fundamental act that defines a society grounded on justice is the virtue by which society impedes the capability and the right of individuals and groups to take the law into their own hands — or better, the act by means of which society empowers judges to apply the law. The great prophet Isaiah had already recognised that the final goal of the act of passing judgment was social peace rather than safety or security.

The final goal of social peace reveals something deeper desdargar society — something that has to do with reciprocal understanding, recognition, reconciliation and even love and forgiveness. The global society needs a new beginning rooted in justice.

No instance of justice can tolerate the violence of slavery or of organised crime, and no power must be allowed to corrupt justice. Judges are called to be fully aware of this challenge, share their experiences and work together to open up new paths of justice and promote human dignity, freedom, responsibility, happiness and peace.

One question without an adequate answer that keeps coming up in our anns is: Judges will have a few minutes each to present a specific case they have worked on and share their opinion of what will be or ought to be required in the future.

Judges’ Summit on Human Trafficking and Organized Crime

Presidents of law courts and lawyers who have addressed this issue are also asked to present a general overview of this distressing problem and suggest possible solutions at the national and international level. We intend to conclude with a collective call to justice in order to save the victims of slavery and organised crime, and thereby further the cause of social peace. Conference booklet Photo gallery. The Future of Labour.


The Right to Work.

Democracy – Some Acute Questions. The Social Dimensions of Globalisation. Democracy – Reality and Responsibility. Ethical and Institutional Concerns. The Governance of Globalization. Conceptualization of the Person in Social Sciences. Pursuing the Common Good. Catholic Social Doctrine and Human Rights.

Crisis in a Global Economy. Universal Rights in a World of Diversity. The Global Quest for Tranquillitas Ordinis. Governance in a Changing World.

Trafficking in Human Beings. Sustainable Humanity, Sustainable Nature: Trafficking with a Special Focus on Children. Modern Slavery and Climate Change: The Commitment of the Cities. Prosperity, People and Planet in the Cities.

Judges’ Summit on Human Trafficking and Organized Crime

Young Leaders Must Pave the Way. Reaffirming Global Solidarity, Restoring Humanity.

Centesimus Annus 25 Years Later. Cumbre de los jueces sobre trata de personas y crimen organizado. Inclusive Solidarity and Integration of Marginalized People. Towards a Participatory Society: New Roads to Social and Cultural Integration. Humanism and Mass Migration. Assisting Victims of Human Trafficking: I offer you centesimud cordial greeting and once more I express my appreciation for your Conference booklet Photo gallery Press coverage.