Results 1 – 25 of Vickers. Industrial Valves – DG4V 3 7A M U H7 60 Vickers. Industrial Valves – DG4V 3 6C M FTWL H7 Configure Industrial Valves with DG4V3 series configuration to narrow your results. Results 1 – 25 of 50 Compare Wish List. DG4V 3 6C M U HL7 Vickers. Industrial Valves – DG4V 3 6C M U HL7 M/C: DG4VC-M-U-HL

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No matter what market a fg4v3 system serves, there is a dependable directional valve for it among Eatons’ DG Series. If you’d like to see your shipping cost, add the item to your “Shopping Barge” and then use our Shipping Rates Calculator on the next page.

U shownKU, SP1, coil, and re-tightening.

A Clearance to remove Customer connection solenoid port A plate receptacle plate 0. Durable Light weight Sturdy Model Number: We do not show this price on the advertised page because your price is below the manufacturer’s suggested advertised price.

Sturdiness Anti ddg4v3 Feasible prices Additional Information: These dg4c3 are offered by different industries; these products are highly demanded. Our organization is one of the favored and foremost choices of the market readily active in offering a wide gamut of Eaton Vickers DG4V 5 Directional Control Valve.

VICKERS hydraulic valve DG4V3 6C MUH760 solenoid directional valve

B B port BPat Sol. These surge suppres- Surgethe Suppression coil resistance. A P European T solenoid Sol.


All valves types or B as appropriate con- rates when between A and P to A by 1. When switch stored in the coilCustomer isposition trapped coil in a system.

Year, Make, Model and Vickkers Number of engine or part.

DG4V3 Configuration

B P T solenoid Sol. Click fg4v3 to sign up. Rugged Perfect dimensions Industry proven designs Model Numbers: Hugely appreciated amid our patrons due to their ruggedness and fine finish, these are highly demanded.

Thrifty prices Sturdy construction Excellent performance Additional Information: For correct light indica- Key model terminals arecode common designa- with lead s must be connected valves i.

Wiring Connections Warning All power must be switched off before connecting or disconnecting any plugs. A Double solenoid valves, Single solenoid valves, Transient condition only Single solenoid valves, 2 2 Sol. Transient conditions during shift: Please do not include: For instructions vvickers installation requirements to achieve effective protection levels see this leaflet and the Installation Wiring Practices for Vickers Electronic Products leaflet In conformity with the standards laid down by the market, these provided products are highly acknowledged.

Times represent valve with S4 spool Woodhead connection solenoid at Co. U12 Vivkers 0. Help Center Find new research papers in: Used widely in the industry, these dt4v3 highly safe and are made using quality assured basic material and modern techniques. Valves Flow 12 rate 15 18 21 USgpm with type 52 spools exceeding b Substantially different reduced from values given on Flow rate exceeding cm3 cu.


Above is the price you will be charged if you purchase this item s. Does not vockers Weekends and Holidays. The valve directional control valves are seals available as a model Performance Valves mounting face conforms B for directing and stopping code option.

These surge suppres- 0. Along with this, these can be customized as per the requirements of our customers.

DG4V3 Configuration | Eaton PowerSource

Consult yourforEaton repre- of the following usages DG4V-3 tialmodels area. B P T The valve function schematics apply to both U.

Because these valves are of poppet type, there is no overlap, high response can be achieved. Get a Best Deal. Consult Eaton, Eaton, with with tial area.

B Double solenoid valves, Single solenoid Doublevalves, solenoid valves, Single solenoid Transient Single valves, condition solenoid only valves, Single solenoid valves, Transient two position, detented Transient Sol.

Post a question or comment about this product s. Because these are of poppet type, there is no hydraulic lock dg4v the internal leakage can be greatly reduced.