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Some have begun to ask whether forgiveness for the sins of colonialism and apartheid are possible. The ethics of Ubuntu as an answer to the impasse of filetyoe consciousness more.

Dion Forster

The alternative linguistic epistemology in SAT considers the principle of the kingdom of God in the past locution levelthe present illocutionary level and the future perlocutionary level. Research at Stellenbosch University: African theology has a great deal to contribute to the theological discourse on human identity. Within the denomination there is a veritable rainbow of cultures, and age groups – not to mention the divergent theological perspectives and styles of worship.

Moreover, it allows for the design of intercultural Bible reading interventions under the conditions of positive intergroup contact.

Three theories informed the research design. In other words, this approach establishes a Biblical-ethical hermeneutic bridge between the text and its context and the context of contemporary readers of the text.

Then, from a methodological point of view, the interdisciplinarity of the theoretical approach that is employed in this research stimulates new avenues for scholarly theological study in relation to problems in practice.


Ultimately our common aim is to find the most effective, Christ-like, God honouring ways of establishing God’s Kingdom here on earth. This book is a rich resource that will aid you to work out the answers fi,etype these critical questions. However, there are not that many local Methodist Publishing House, You never want to live without it again! After considerable inner turmoil he was converted to Christianity in and entered the Roman Catholic Church in The notion of spirituality in the workplace is engaged through a literature review that identifies three categories of spirituality; palliative spirituality, via media spirituality and transformative spirituality.

Three case studies are provided to explicate a nuanced and textured understanding of the characteristics of these categories of spirituality for Giletype and the African context. Each one was to write dio chapter for the book.

About – Dion Forster – An uncommon path

This project makes the following novel contributions to scholarly knowledge and the construction of theory: This thesis investigates aspects of Fr Bede’s cosmic christology as they arise from his spirituality. In particular, it does so from the bilingual perspective of a public theological engagement with the text and its contemporary readers in South Africa.

This book charts an uncommon spiritual path by examining the non-dual spirituality of Henri le Saux Swami Abhishiktanandaa French Benedictine monk in India. Spirituality and Workplace diversity practices in Africa more. Lausanne World Pulse, April Published in the book The impact of knowledge systems on human development in Africa. Dion preaches and speaks regularly in Churches and conferences across South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world – you can stay up to date with his whereabouts on twitter digitaldion and on Facebook.


SpiritualityChristologyand Interfaith Dialogue. Firstly, it problematises the contemporary notion of hope in South Africa by showing that it is a complex theological and social concept.

It considers how the church could become an agent of mission and transformation in the marketplace in each of these three forms. This version of the paper was presented at the International This paper presents an overview of the application, and unique expression, of Christian Perfection as it has taken shape within Methodism in Southern Africa.

What about the relationship between religion and science? He is an avid mountainbiker.

Recent research by the Call42 group has shown that South African Christians experience that they are not adequately prepared or equipped for Christian living and discipleship in the world of work — here called the marketplace.

It further problematizes the relationship between the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and the governing African National Congress by citing some concerning examples of complicit behaviour from recent history.

Methodism in Southern Africa: