Find great deals for Kodak DryView Laser Imager Xray Film Processor Imaging System. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for A Kodak DryView Laser Imager. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Kodak DryView Laser Imager with Kodak PACS Link Systems. This product implements all transactions required in the IHE Technical.

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Action messages include the required operator action. Turn OFF the imager, check and remove debris from the densitometer area, close the top cover and turn the imager back ON.

Used to increase the contrast or density setting. Vendor Network Dealer Network.

P Close the platen access left door refer to page Electromagnetic radiation from a Microwave Oven is only an issue if after the Oven door is closed and latched, the seal does not maintain an electromagnetic tight fit between the Oven door and Dryviwe main housing.

Note You cannot delete multiple jobs from the print queue by pressing the Stop Print button multiple times. P Close the top cover. Keypad – – Main Menu Page: This equipment may be cleaned with a damp cloth using water with mild detergent, or commercial electronic equipment cleaner.

A small footprint of less than 5 square meters, which makes for easy placement wherever needed to maximize productivity and image access. DryView film is system-matched for AIQC—so dryviwe recognize film type, size, lot, and number of sheets remaining.

Radiologists and other health imaging professionals prefer the Kodak DryView laser imager. Remove the film cartridge.


Kodak DryView 8700 manual

Previous page Next page. The film transport drives the film down into the exposure module. Sequential Store Button — Used to acquire and store images in sequential order, starting in the top row, and working from dryvkew to right in each row. K85 Wait for some images to be printed. The Optics module will need to be re–initialized.

A Kodak DryView Laser Imager | eBay

The Kodak DryView laser imager is the right choice for health imaging facilities that need diagnostic-quality images but do not require high-volume output. Ready Light — Indicates the imager is ready to begin its next operation. Those limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

The accessory should provide fully automatic stitching software that delivers images up to 17 inches wide by 51 inches long 43 x cm.

Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Connects to any of the following: Ihre Beobachtungsliste ist voll. Press Next, as required, to dryvieww Contrast. Supplies Required Tack Cloth Electrostatic Discharge Immunity Test.

Largest installed base of dry laser imagers—more than 15, systems placed worldwide. More than million films produced to date.

Laser Imager (Kodak MRI DryView 8700)

Vryview Next, as required, to select Contrast Test Print. Erasing Stored Images — Keypad After the images are acquired, press Print to place a print request in the print queue. Mammography Quality Standards Act MQSA requirements – Energy—save mode is built-in for use during periods of inactivity, use on-demand wake up for after—hours imaging, and preset wake-up time to meet your needs.


Set the imager power switch to ON. If the tack cloth catches on parts inside the exposure module, take care not to damage the parts when dfyview the cloth. After erasing all of the stored images, the keypad automatically exits Erase Image mode. Small footprint—only 25 x 29 inches.

Install the film cartridge.

Make sure the covers are closed. Weitere Infos zur Lieferzeit in der Artikelbeschreibung. Keypad – – Format Menu Page: On an Dual Printer, not displayed, or not available. The equipment is not a patient device. Wir sind seit To remove the film cartridge, lift the edge of the cartridge slightly, then slide the cartridge out of the imager.

When set to ON, the red LEDs above the Store buttons which indicate used storage locations blink instead of staying on constantly. Now in its fourth generation, the Kodak DryView continues to deliver the exceptional speed and diagnostic image 870 that deyview demand.

Use settings through for negative contrast images. Mehr zum Thema Zustand. The film transport drives the film up into the film developer. When an error message is displayed on the Keypad, perform the operator action listed next to the message number. Density Set Buttons — Used to increase or decrease the density setting.

Format Select Buttons — Used to select the desired image format.