Section 1: Using this manual. Section 2: Features. RD Receiver. Battery Charging. DSX9 Transmitter Features (Front). DSX9 Transmitter Features (Rear). Has any one got or know where to find a printable JR Propo Instruction Manual for the DSX9? I have downloaded the PDF file from the. Filename: jr dsx9 manual. Date: 12/10/ Type of compression: zip. Total downloads: Nick: tempplen. File checked: Kaspersky.

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I have returned to the hobby after a long break and can see the technology as well as the models have moved on over the past 20 years. Apr 23,manua This was done in answer to some customer requests.

Spectrum DX8 or JR DSX9 | Model Flying

I’ve tested on the bench and it works like a charm. Mike Smart Registered User. Please do keep your comets coming as I’m building up my knowledge This obviously suggests that you can use two batteries. Also I appreciate his support and help with translation of the manual. All very easy manuao set up. Also compare available mixes, model types and consider which of these you manaul need goign forward.

I corresponded a couple of times with Jaro Macko, the designer and made a number of voltage measurements for him. May 10, I think the feel of the set is more important than a lot give credit for, you have to feel rsx9 with it in your hand and the positioning of switches etc, otherwise you will not be as relaxed as you could be flying your models.


It works with either count down or count up timer settings.

Try holding both and see which suits you best. Sets from the US are not legal in the UK unfortuanatly I’ve been waiting for Futaba to get their act together but I don’t think I’ve got long enough left to wait!

Thank you, I sent Jaro a pm asking the question.

I have the 2 available timers on. I have downloaded both manuals and can see the Spektrum is more intuitive and and manaul more user friendly and of course has telemetry? Mar 28, Nov 05, I haven’t had a chance to fly with it yet but it should work great.

JR ProPo DSX9 Instruction Manual

The rotary selector is a definite improvement over the DX7’s rocker switches. It keeps track of the total time I want the motor to run for any particular flight.

Thanks for that ‘Mac Man’. You do need to be able to solder and have a suitable small iron so you don’t mess things up, dex9 the device is not at all intrusive and could easily be removed if, for example, the transmitter needed to go in for service.


You still of course have to set the timer as a stopwatch or countdown timer, plus the amount of time for the countdown dx9 but you would have to do that anyway. Originally Posted by jdr43 Thank you, I sent Jaro a pm asking the question.

Now it only works if you hold the trainer switch while turning on. The new JR 12X and the coming 11X have finally moved into the 21st century and have the ability to control the timer by the throttle stick but for everyone else, this would be a great add on. Last manua, by GBR2; Nov 06, at Moderator forum posts photos.

JR ProPo DSX9 Manuals

Remember that Horizon own Spektrum and can very easily afford to run the offer as a loss leader think of Tesco Both sites are fully functional from my end. Eventually I got the transmitter back working as it ddsx9 but by that time the flying season was upon us and I just wanted to fly.

Good instructions though I have to admit I helped with those for the Jun 26, Remember Me Forgot Password?