A review of predictions made by Duduman about America and Europe. Through the Fire Without Burning [Dumitru Duduman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Excerpt from the book: The Heavenly messenger. As we relook at this powerful prophecy delivered by brother Dumitru Duduman and see that it is literally contained in the Word of God and it is.

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I stepped closer to pick it up, but when I drew near, I saw dumifru it burned with a blue flame. He thrust his sword at the beast, saying: CrissCross said this on August 26, at 5: Tell them that concern over tomorrow should not be found in them. We must stay close to Jesus and His Word.

This is why I will punish this place. His last dream a few weeks ago was of people lying udduman the ground, they were skin and bone, mostly children.

The Lord never gets tired of forgiving. The one in the sun began to speak.

This is Sodom and Gomorrah! Then, while still praying, the same thing was shown to me a third time. I have shown you what will be that you may prepare your hearts and strengthen your spirits for the day of battle.

Jesus is soon returning! Suddenly a huge sun appeared in the heavens.

The Message For America

Be prepared and dumitrru holy, My people, that I may save dudumzn The seed of Dudmuan has reached their hearts, and is even now working toward repentance. I went and told my family and now I wanted to share it with you.


The world is so heavily infected with sin, I wonder how much longer it will last before something happens. But I tell you, do not fear. That upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar. The days were passing so quickly that I could not count them. But, when America burns, the Lord will raise China, Japan and other nations to go against the Russians.

All of the angels began to sing with their trumpets. I could not look at him with my eyes because he was too bright. Again the star appeared, with the same crooked tips. In this dream the five of us; myself, my two grandsons and the couple we were staying with in Xumitru, were on the Sea of Galilee in Israel and we were looking around.

Because of all the sin, I have left some of the churches. For info on preparing please visit my website at spiritwars. This was the seed that took root in his heart and made him commit himself to God not long after that experience. Yet, those that worshipped me in spirit and in truth, I will protect, for I am God. The smell of the flowers was so strong it almost made me dizzy.

Americans think highly of themselves. There they will make a peace treaty, but they will make the Russians their leader.

No matter how bad I felt in my body, I was always aware of everything happening around me. I still have names to add to the number before all the things that I have shown you will happen. Israel doesn’t recognize the Messiah, because they place their trust on the power of the Jews in America.


Instead of stopping them, they went after their gods. What about the many Christians that read astrology an old habit the church never discussed it was forbidden. There is no time to lose.

Wake up America Dumitru Duduman Prophecy

Login or Register to keep track of donations. The plunders and the troubles are close and shall come to pass in a short time. It seemed that it was built as a whole, all from one giant mass.

I will go before you. He would not let me record it. Cry out before God, that He may save you! Remember to tell everybody what I have shown you.

Prophecies and Visions of Dumitru Duduman | Heaven Awaits

I was in the garden looking at the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. I said, “How will America burn? Babylon is the mind that attains wisdom. A majority of my people will be overtaken and trampled because their lives are not clean before their Lord. There you will be safe!

You must yell with a loud voice. Marianne, Thanks for posting those further prophecies. Pray that I may give you strength, so that before the storm comes I may save you and give you the joy. Just as this happened the wounded soldiers all slowly got up and then began to walk then run after the Americans. Instead, Duitru found myself in a forest.