These are the statistics compiled by STOCK PERFORMANCE GUIDE (SPG) By Dynaquest of Dr Neah Soon Kean. MULPHA INTERNATIONAL. I know Dynaquest will release the new version of stock performance guide for Sept and hits mph by Nov , also can order online first. There are over 1, of Public Listed Companies(PLC) in the Bursa Malaysia. How do you select a stock to invest in? Do you use Technical.

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Tue, 25 Dec Tue, 12 Jan After 23 Years Dr.

Forum Announcement

Unfortunately, after 23 years of publication, we regrettably have to admit defeat in the battle to try to make our product relevant to the needs of Malaysian investors and at the same time keep the cost of production within control. After much soul searching and careful perfofmance, we have decided that it is no longer economical for us to continue to publish this guide book in its current form.

What is more, the information therein is updated in a near “real time” manner. We are confident that it will be a useful tool for all serious and beginning investors. The cloud based version STOCKBASE will be easily accessible through Internet Browser and we are hopeful we shall be able to bring its cost down to a much lower level given the wide market available for a cloud-based product.

If you would like to be kept informed of the progress we are making in launching the cloud-based STOCKBASE; kindly fill in the prepaid postcard enclosed in the end of this book and send it to us.

You can also occassionally log on to our website dynaquest. In closing, I would very much like to thank all our readers, past and present, for your strong support. And we also wish you the best of luck dynaqkest your future investment endeavours.

Blog Headlines by Date Blog Index. Then Price was raised to Rm96 a copy.

Stock Performance Guide Malaysia | Dynaquest

Like Social Forum Comment. Balatika Hunter likes this. FayeTan Is the online version cheaper.? He has at least 20yrs of data. Neoh’s book was the launchpad to my start in the stock market. I remember reading my dad’s copy when I was Hope his online version can help give a head start to a new generation of investors. For the last September Edition I bought 2 copies instead of the usual one. I kept one in Singapore and another copy in Johor for easy reference.

Even if it costs me Rm1, a copy I will still buy it”. He told me during his student days in University Malaya, Petaling Jaya, in the early s he would painstakingly cut out Dr. Neoh’s write ups in the Week end edition of the Malay Mail newspaper then.


And he said that had he known Dr Neoh’s writings much earlier and followed him more closely he would have earned many more millions. After selling Daibochi doubled again to over Rm4. Recently, he sold his Ajiya for Rm1. He hadShares of Ajiya. Another interesting Stock Dr Neoh owned is Evergreen. Dr Neoh is also in the Top 30 Shareholders. Evergreen was one of last year’s Top Performer rising from 50 cents to Rm2. After bonus issue Opcom share price suddenly crashed all the way down to 30 cents.

I lost so much money in percentage then.

But I bought Opcom more and more and average it down. At the Top I had only 10, Opcom Shares. At the bottom I hadOpcom shares and became one of 30 Top Shareholders. This was what I did buide My Johor Sifu taught me. May all trade carefully in this turbulent year of May we najigate safety through all the ups and downs of the exciting journey of Stock Investments Regards, Calvin. Actually in the realm of serious dnyaquest it is actually very dull and unexciting.

To buy out of favour shares when very few people understand you is a very lonely journey. Never selfish in sharing the good things with us. I thought Dr Neoh was going to retire but no, he wants to continue helping us, hence his digital undertaking. A must have for all old and new investors. Money shouldn’t be an object. I agree with Calvin: RM is cheap but it won’t cost this amount.

Thanks a million, Calvin for the info. Adrian Tan May i knw how can we subscribe the online version? But you will have to decide carefully among all the voices and postings in i3 Forum. Over a short period the share market is a voting machine but over a longer period the Stock Market turns into a weighing machine.

Dr Neoh always promote one or two stocks in his monthly Digest. We never question whether he bought into the stocks before hand. So none of us is infallible. If you diversify into 20 or 30 Value Stocks you should do well even if one or two go bankrupt.

Both I bought but escaped early. One more I got hit badly was Talam.

I bought Talam at Rm1. For me I often deviate to shares with no dividend and no clear prospect. Only got high NTA and deep undervaluation. Even my Johor Sifu dare not dynaqiest me. Coming back to Talam. It was like a horrible nightmare. Talam also gone into PN I had 10, shares of Talam Costing Rm10, At 10 cents my worth is now only Rm1, I lost Rm9,?

And IJM got one leg in Keuro. So Talam won’t die lah! So I turned lemon into lemonade. KEuro is now the vehicle used for the West Coast Expressway concession. So, there will not be much returns between now and I was referring to history.


Many things have changed now. We need to know the status now in the present moment. Going to Booming Iskandar now. Balatika Hunter Read Dr Neoh book in the 90s. I also worked for his brother in SS oil mill, my first job in 90s. Had been buying spg for years, didn’t realize sept last editon no wonder price went up to rm. For those who are disciplined to follow his writings, they may have gain insight into his philosophy and strategy which are sound and profitable.

I have subscribed to his SPG for years and have numerous copies in my collections. On one particular counter a few years ago, he mentioned briefly that for those who might be interested in a certain stock, another stock in the same sector maybe a better one to own.

He recommended selling this stock to buy the other. That stock was a 10 bagger in my portfolio subsequently. Neon Soon Keong wrote a book a decade or two ago, which was out of print. I managed to photocopy from a friend, and it was a great book offering great insight into the Malaysian stock market. Among my valued collections of SPG was the copy from which captured the prices and sentiments of that period.

Investment Advisory Service

Another valued copy was that of the 2nd board counters, stovk not in print. Looking forward to seeing SPG in a transformed digital format, but for some who are old fashion, the book form is going to be sorely missed.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. In future no more hard copy for sale. PlsGiveBonus Write book now very good profit Earn from every book sale. Nowadays people immediately scan your book and circulate in Internet ha ha. PlsGiveBonus Try print a book with your printer and the cost will be no more cheaper djnaquest owning an original copy.

Icon People pdf guidde and read with iPad. PlsGiveBonus It is partly true Dynwquest most of the hardcore follower will still buy the book Reading ebook isn’t very comfortable compare to reading a paper book Only some of the very cheap stake will read on their phone Still it is human nature to get it as cheap as possible.

PlsGiveBonus If the book is limited edition it also come with collector value and jack up the price for resale purpose. Icon Ok very true Thumb up.