Thanks for choosing EarthBox! You know we love them, and for many good reasons. Planting is not difficult, but review these instructions before jumping in. Planting an Earth Box: I planted my Earthbox on my balcony with six different The instructions in the box for setting it up are idiot proof, but there are a few. build your own earthbox! this is the most comprehensive guide i’ve seen to the mechanics of the project. from function i think i would combine this with the form of.

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Like most other cole crops, cabbage grows best where there is a cool fall growing season with light frosts.

Frequent harvesting of pole beans helps ensure that the plants keep producing. Be certain to use the black side of the mulch covers to speed soil warming and early growth. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Okra Okra is a perfect crop to grow if you live in a climate with very hot summers. Spinach can bolt if it becomes too dry or if the temperature outside warms. Like other members of the Nightshade family, eggplants should not be planted until all danger of frost has passed, and daytime temperatures are consistently warm. This classic, nutrient-rich veggie can be enjoyed plantig, steamed, roasted, fried, or in soups.

Here at EarthBox, we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your container gardening experience.

Herbs keep producing as long as you continue pruning and harvesting. In addition to your EarthBox contents and plants, you will need about four gallons of water, a pair of scissors and peat-based potting mix. Being in the same family as onions, shallots, scallions, and garlic–leeks are milder and sweeter than their counterparts and are jam-packed with tons of nutritional benefits.


Carrots With some careful planning and attention, carrots are a snap to grow.

Peppers need a steady supply of water for their best performance, so be sure to check water levels each day.

When harvesting, be sure to use pruners, since the stems will not release the fruit without destroying the plant. Allowing them to grow larger will result in reduced sweetness and a more fibrous root. Nothing tastes better than a fresh, crisp salad made with lettuce straight from the garden. Once harvested, these hardy roots can be stored all winter if kept properly. Water is critical in the beginning of the season while it may still be a bit warm outside.

Peppers can be temperamental if temperatures are too hot or too cool.

EarthBox® | Growing Guides | Grow With Us

Garlic is a relatively easy to grow crop – ghide clove planted will yield one whole bulb when harvested. Cabbage Like most other cole crops, cabbage grows best where there is a cool fall growing season with light frosts. The mild, sweet flesh of these roots can be eaten raw or cooked, and your harvest will keep for more than a month if stored properly.

Eggplants are a unique fruit that grow best in full sun and hot weather. Beets Beets are a great starter vegetable since they are easy to grow and require very little garden maintenance.

Corn Smut [back to top]. Since they mature quickly, radishes are ideal for succession planting to ensure you have them constantly ready to harvest. Peppers are prone to sun scald, so moving them to partial shade can help if temperatures become too hot.


You can use frost covers to speed warming and protect plants from pests at the same time. These Vitamin A-rich veggies require a fertilizer that is low in nitrogen, and high in phosphorus. Radishes are a fast growing cool-season crop that require a spot in full sun.

Clubroot, Bolting, Nitrogen deficiency [back to top]. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Not only are the roots delicious and filled with vitamins, but the tops can be prepared and enjoyed like any common green and pack even more of a nutritious punch. The many varieties of sweet and hot peppers thrive on full sun and warm weather.

Select partial shade for cool season crops such as lettuce or spinach. Celery can be started indoors before the season, or sown directly as a summer crop. Melons Melons are very fragile to frost and light freezes; and require both warm days and nights to produce fruit.

Sweet peppers can be cut up and eaten raw, roasted and marinated, sauteed; or used in stews, soups, and stir fry.

Florida Gardening Suggested Planting Schedule

Black rot, clubroot [back to top]. Since their vines can grow 20 feet and they are prone to mildew, a Staking System for vertical support is recommended to keep fruit off the wet ground and allow for good air circulation. Growing okra requires a lot of sunshine, so find a place in your garden that gets all day sun. If you see gray mold on the Artichoke leaves, simply remove the infected leaves.