Shop Full Size and Portable Ice Machines at IBSS. Clear Ice Maker. Owner’s Manual. This owner’s manual provides Visit us on the web at for product guides, additional. Get Crystal Clear Ice with the EdgeStar IBSS Under Counter Clear Ice Maker The EdgeStar IBSS Undercounter Clear Ice Maker can.

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If the ice maker will not be used for a long time, before the next use it must be thoroughly cleaned. Condenser Cleaning Have the condenser cleaned at least once every six months. We are glad you chose us. The fuse is blown.

EdgeStar IB450SS User Manual

The ice-making system Exterior Cleaning The door and cabinet may be cleaned with a mild detergent and warm water solution such as 1 oz of dishwashing liquid mixed with 2 gallons of warm water. We will provide the customer support needed to nurture that relationship. Machine makes edgesta, but bin does not fill up with ice The condenser may be dirty. The water supply should be ready at the point of installation.

  HDPE 5502 PDF

Noise during operation The feet are not leveled and locked Level and lock the feet. Remove all ice from the storage bin.

The icemaker power switch is OFF. Check water supply–filter may be restricted.

The air flow to the ice maker may be obstructed. This type of icemaker produces crystal-clear, gourmet cube ice.

EdgeStar IBSS User Manual | 27 pages

Follow carefully any instructions provided for cleaning or use of sanitizing solution. Enter text from picture: Consider moving the unit or just be more careful when you open the door.

The ice maker requires a continuous water supply with eedgestar minimum pressure of 0. Specifications may change without prior notice. An insulated ice storage bin is built into each the icemaker. Scale builds up quickly inside the machine. Water Edgestae The water supply should be ready at the point of installation. The water supply tap is turn off. Ice cube size is adjustable.

Turn on the water supply tap. Then the ice in the bin will slowly melt and go out the drain. Level and lock the feet. Under some conditions, humidity may condense on the door. The icemaker should not be located next to ovens, grills or other high heat ib450sss. Water is leaking out the unit. Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.


To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock or injury when using the ice maker, follow basic precautions, including the following: See Leveling the Ice Maker. Preparing The Icemaker For Long Storage During the harvest cycle, you may hear the of ice cubes falling into the ice storing bin. The temperature of the water Once enough of the ice has melted, the ice maker will automatically start making more ice.

How the machine uses the water The ice maker begins with a fixed charge of water that is contained in the water trough. During the harvest cycle, you may hear the of ice cubes falling into the ice storing bin.

The edgeztar is unplugged. If needed, you can adjust the height of the ice maker by rotating the feet.