Egeria was a young woman who decided to make the trip of a According to this text, her pilgrimage took place around the s AD, and the. About Egeria. Egeria, one of the earliest documented Christian pilgrims, visited the most important destinations of pilgrimage in the eastern Mediterranean. EGERIA – Mediterranean Medieval Places of Pilgrimage.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In the first extant part of the text, she describes the journey from her approach to Mount Sinai until her stop in Egefia. When people were baptized in ancient times they usually changed their names. Apart from visiting the Holy Land, she also went to Alexandria, Thebes, and even near the river Euphrates in Mesopotamia. May 06, Christiane rated it it was amazing.

LentPalm or Passion Sunday reached universal pi,grimage in the 4th century. La pellegrina si ferma nei luoghi sacri rileggendo insieme al suo seguito i passi della Bibbia a loro dedicati Itinerarium, I, Her impressive journey was very well-known until the 11th century, when her book was compiled in the Codex Aretinus. The middle part of Egeria’s writing survived and was copied in the Codex Aretinuswhich was written at Pilgrimqge Cassino in the 11th century, while the beginning and end are lost.

Egeria set down her observations in a letter now called Itinerarium Egeriae “Travels of Egeria”. When I had arrived there, I went through all the churches–that of the Apostles and all the martyr-memorials, of which there are very many–and I ceased not to give thanks to Jesus our God, who had thus deigned to bestow His mercy upon me.

Numa Pompilius Public Domain. But at other times it was a fascinating look at a first person account of the practices and worship of the early church. A farmer in Burkina Faso looked to his ancestors and came up with an innovative solution. By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates piglrimage discoveries and questions mysterious happenings.


She inspired him to practice rituals and accept laws which later became a part of the Roman religion. The Galician monk Valerio of Bierzo, who lived in the 7th century, claimed that Egeria traveled between and This gets a little repetitious — at every place she visit This is primary literature of extreme importance in the study of the development of the Catholic liturgy, since pilgrim Egeria a wealthy lady making the grand tour writes in detail all of the celebrations carried out in the Holy Land.

The long letter, dubbed Peregrinatio or Itinerarium Egeriaeis addressed to a circle of women at home.

In fact, even now many people of this North-West part of Spain believe in witchcraft and supernatural creatures. However, it is unknown how many parts of her writings are original, as some of the sections concerning Christianity appear to have been created years after she died.

Rediscovering the Story of Egeria, a Remarkable 4th Century Female Pilgrim | Ancient Origins

I do have this translation by Gingras, but mine is hardcover and published by Paulist Press. Mar 13, Micki James rated it really liked it. Egeria didn’t explain many parts of her travels. Jan 29, Debbi rated it liked it Shelves: The Sexiest Temples in India.

Ancient Anomalous Human Skeletons: This gets a little repetitious — at every place she visits the proper passage from the Scripture is read, and a Psalm fitting to the place, and she never fails to note this.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Open Preview See a Problem? Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Sakura rated it liked it Nov 05, According to this text, her pilgrimage took place around the s AD, and the letter itself is the oldest known text of this kind written by a woman. Historical details it contains set the journey in the early s, making it the earliest of its kind.

The appendices include not only egerix translation of the Letter of King Abgar and the text of the Bordeaux Pilgrim, but also fragments of Egeria’s account missing from the surviving text. McGowan and Bradshaw’s volume does ample justice to the many recent insights from pilgrimage studies and gender theory found in this crucial early Christian text.


No trivia or quizzes yet. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Half of the surviving text deals with her travels in search of the holy places mentioned in the accounts of the wanderings of the Israelites, and half details the liturgy observed in the churches in Jerusalem.

He praises Egeria and identifies her as a nun, perhaps because she addresses her account to her “sorores” Latin for “sisters” at home. Jan Lajcak rated it really liked it Mar 21, Every once in a while comes in a fascinating detail which you don’t read in the secondary literature, such as that in Lent they eat “no olive oil, nothing which comes from trees, but only water and a little flour soup.

The Secrets of the Kabbalists Garden.

Rediscovering the Story of Egeria, a Remarkable 4th Century Female Pilgrim

Cathedral, Santiago de Compostela, Spain. But what inspired her to make that journey and walk half of the world all alone? Marcel rated it liked it Jan 23, Image thought to be Egeria. At times it was a bit tedious – just like reading someone else’s diary.

Egeria: Diary of a Pilgrimage by Egeria

Dennis Olsson rated it liked it Sep polgrimage, McGowan and Bradshaw should be commended for clarifying the thorny issues of dating, authorship, and manuscript tradition of the work now called the Itinerarium Egeriae. Fascinating for anyone studying pilgrimage.

However, when analyzing her life and the geopolitical situation during those times the pilgrimabe starts to become more visible.

Their Pilgrimage to Egeria has been highly anticipated, and I am delighted to recommend it enthusiastically. About Egeria, available at: