Haven Travis es la rebelde heredera de una rica familia de petroleros texanos. Pero cuando Haven se casa con un hombre que los Travis. El diablo tiene ojos azules (Travis 2) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Lisa Kleypas: : Kindle-Shop. En Mi nombre es Liberty conocimos a Hardy Cates, un irresistible tejano de origenes muy humildes, el chico malo que le robo el corazon a Liberty Jones. Ahora.

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I wasn’t sure I could put it into words. I liked Haven as well. I thought the relationship between Hardy and Haven moved a bit too fast and didn’t spend a lot of time building up. Mass Market Paperbackpages. I felt like I was there, with my hands tied behind my back and my screams of warning falling on deaf ears.

The characters were quite charming.

I’ll do my best, but now you know not to expect my best work Which is why when she finds good-natured, easy to get along with Nick Tanner, she decides she’s going to keep him. Here is the difference. Return to Book Page. Hardy is a yummy hero though. Tieene es conmovedora; te deja sin aliento y te hace sentir.

In fact, she wants nothing to do with him. Her solution is to tell him that no matter how many times she’s says no or seems terrified, to just keep on keeping on. So I finished this almost a week ago and the details have gone a bit fuzzy. I almost needed an interpreter at times and even had to replay it to catch the meaning.


Travis #2: El diablo tiene ojos azules, de Lisa Kleypas

It was so much more than I was expecting. One for strength of writing and one for the more gut reaction “like” scale. I felt the whole time that I needed to know more about him. Liberty wasn’t Churchill’s daughter, so he could listen to her problems and be a friend where he automatically went into lecturing and bossing mode with Haven. While the reading experience is enjoyable overall, there are a couple of problematic issues. I’m going to give it a bit and then re-read the last half.

There are a couple explicit sex scenes, so the middle of my steam tolerance.

I thought Kleypas’ portrayal of her troubled relationship with her father rang true. Looking for a book. I have to say so far her contemporary romances have been some of the best of the genre I’ve read. Hardy Cates is for me and I guess for whichever read Sugar Daddy a repressed desire.

Her books are published in fourteen languages and are bestsellers all over the world.

Travis #2: El diablo tiene ojos azules, de Lisa Kleypas – Literatura Romántica Juvenil

I felt like some of my azulrs of it was a bit dampened by the emotional impact of the first half. No apologies, no excuses. El Diablo Tiene Ojos Azules. In Jack’s view, you are obliged to sin on Saturday night so you’d have something to atone for Sunday morning.


Mi nombre es Liberty Travis 1. There were plenty of highs and lows that kept me a bit of an emotional wreck through this one. I sympathized but lsia unable to empathize.

El diablo tiene ojos azules – Lisa Kleypas – Google Books

Taking one look at my wretched face, Todd reached for the green chenille throw on my sofa and wrapped it around me. More by Lisa Kleypas See more. I wrote this long detailed review for this book and then accidentally deleted it. I get way too “into” my books. Otherwise, you’d be putting the preacher out of business. We need two ratings here.

I do not recommend anyone begin this book who has not already completed Sugar Daddy. The pain of the physical wounds is long gone …and the other kind of hurt, the damage done to our spirits, has been healed.

The only reason I am llsa making this a 5 star, I couldn’t really get a sense for the feelings between Haven and Hardy. Sure, some of the things we witness in Blue-Eyed Devil seem a little behind the times, but I think it had more to do with the characters than the times. I’ve been busy enough lately that my time here on GoodReads has dwindled.