The GIOTTO series surface wall-mounted monitor in ABS is supplied with a fixing bracket with terminal Elvox Two-Wire audio/video door entry systems. CN1). Connector for electronic unit. CN2). Connector for programmer type C. B2). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). B1). 2-wire Bus (cable riser). EXT+). External. Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information 5 12 GIOTTO AND SERIES MONITORS ® GIOTTO SERIES MONITORS.

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Power supply 12 to 18V D. To do this, consult the variations on the standard connection for the various components of the system, on pages to Any other use is deemed improper and hence dangerous. The diagram shows min.

Cable diameter 8 mm. TYPE Desk-top conversion kit for combined interphone typetype and monitor typetype For the levox of the surface wall-mounted entrance panels use frames type P, P and P, to be used respectively for the mounting of one, two or three entrance panels fitted horizontally.

Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information |

These open voice monitors cannot be used with other models which do not belong to 630 dual channel open voice series monitors.

The audio and video panels are identical externally to create a single solution for both applications. Monitors typeand are enabled by means of a microswitch located on the back.

Fix the camera to the entrance panel frame by inserting the camera hooks into the frame slots Fig. Up to a maximum number of 24V 3W bulbs can be connected. Terminal 6 is for the ringtone loudspeaker and terminals 8, 9, 10 are for the three call buttons.



Converts the signal from the 75 Ohm shielded cable into a video signal suitable for transmission by a pair of normal conductors. Supplied with monitor interconnection circuit. Galileo Security entrance panels This allows switch-on of 25 LEDs simultaneously. Fix the monitor bottom and the circuit with terminal block to back box by means of screws.

This feature provides economic and practical advantages since the use of several conventional sound emitting systems is no longer required; the signal is emitted from a single loudspeaker in the interphone. The second push-button terminal 8 controls the auxiliary services. C The monitors and the interphones are fitted with a loudspeaker designed to receive differentiated electronic calls from both the speech unit and other intercommunicating units.

Must be used with power supplies for audio and video door entry systems with 2 or more speech units. Terminal V3 must be shorted to terminal M in systems with coax cable. See wiring diagram page 83 N. The buttons, speech and camera units remain the same with new green name plate illumination.

Input for connection of 75 Ohm video cable in systems with coax cable; input for connection of video signal V1 in systems without coax cable. The loudspeaker must be disconnected from the interphone’s motherboard and connected to connector “A-A” on the interphone.

The average recommended height for audio entrance panels is of 1.

Monitor interface connector 7: Wiring diagram for additional button for auxiliary services Call generator output with continuous tone. For a simultaneous activation of several monitors use an additional power supply type for each monitor starting from the 3rd one or power supply type for two or max three monitors operating simultaneously according to shown wiring diagrams. The switchboard works both in installations with “Sound System” call and in installations with AC call.


Almost immediately the image of the caller appears on the monitor. Common audio line 4: A blocking circuit cuts off power to the monitors if the line is overloaded or short-circuited.

Microphone for speech unit 8: Operation of the video signal with coaxial or twisted pair cable can be selected by means of a microswitch.

Elvox Sound System Installation and Technical information

This type of system does not allow eovox privacy. The same porter switchboard call push-button on the interphones or monitors operates the electric lock by means of a relay fitted in the switchboard.

Connecting the landing call button If you connect the landing call push-button as shown in the diagram, the monitor will produce a different sound from the sound of a call from the wlvox speech unit. Additional entrance panels with a single row of buttons. Receiver and microphone common wire for speech unit Speech unit microphone Speech unit loudspeaker C1: PAL Video signal input voltage: To communicate from the switchboard to elvx interphones, press the line selector key and the CH button.