One Drive, Any Power, Any Motor. The Unidrive SP is a universal AC and Servo drive with ratings from to 2,hp. No. String, Cause of trip. 1, UU, DC link under voltage. Under voltage trip and restart levels are as follows: Drive voltage rating UU trip level UU restart level. Unidrive SP AC Drive from Emerson/Control Techniques is a complete drive automation range that covers the power spectrum from to 2, hp. All drives .

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The example is a VDC signal on analog input 1. Check the following parameters: Er Power down save parameters are unidriv during power down and can be saved when user parameters are saved. A write to a menu 0 parameter has been initiated via the keypad by exiting edit mode and parameter This site uses cookies: Next time your Unidrive is throwing an error code, the following information may help.

Unidrive SP drives can be configured using the keypad to operate in the following modes:. Explore our industry-specific solutions, giving manufacturers a competitive edge.

Unidrive SP | AC Drives | Nidec Control Techniques | CT

A SMART card is read-only if the read-only flag has been emetson or the card contains data blocks with numbers from to This trip is initiated when phase loss is detected from d. SPd Overspeed 8 PS. This can occur if the user program file in the drive is being accessed via comms at the same time.

The drive will revert back to the power down save parameters that were last saved successfully. Call us now unidrife to enquire about a refurbished Unidrive SP. Position feedback direction incorrect, or motor could not be stopped during the inertia test, or minimal movement phasing test failed see HF Option module in slot 2: Er Option module in slot 2: The drive will attempt to stop the motor before tripping except in Regen unnidrive.


Check menu 1 and 2 to determine where it is stopping if the reference is not getting to this point. P Power module over voltage PH.

The number of periods per revolution calculated from encoder data during auto-configuration is either less than 2 or greater than This will tell the drive where to search for run commands and uniddrive references.

P Power module power supply fail OIdC.

To see the function that will be carried out, you can reference the binary value to the chart below. Check the destination unidrie the speed reference at 7. This fault is usually due to noise on the sine and cosine signals.

This trip will occur on every subsequent power up until power down save parameters are saved again i. The speed reference will come in on an analog input if you choose a terminal code.

Emerson Industrial Automation: Unidrive SP Troubleshooting – MRO Blog

Drive encoder commutation signals connected incorrectly, or measured inertia out of range, or motor was rotating when the minimal movement phasing test started see Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes. Option module in slot 1: Unidrive SP Free Standing drives offer a fully engineered drive that is supplied within a standard sized enclosure.

The drive will now accept a decimal value from 0 to at 6. Power down save parameters are saved during power down and can be saved when user parameters are saved. The drive can be programmed to use positive or negative logic. This trip only occurs if the compare has not already failed with the following trips: Emereon us a call at 1. Problems with your drive?


Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes

If the drive is operating emefson low voltage battery mode the over voltage trip level is 1. When the drive is not running, there are several additional parameters in menu 6 that can assess the issue. P Power module over current detected from the module output currents Oht2.

Drive voltage rating UU trip level UU restart level The module has started the watchdog system, but has not subsequently serviced the watchdog within the timeout period. Drives are packaged in three formats: All drives share the unldrive flexible control interface regardless of the power rating.

Our extensive experience in retrofit and new projects means we have the knowledge to look deep into the control system where we commonly find the peripheral devices are faulty rather than the drive module. Variables and function block calls using more than the allowed RAM space stack overflow. The digital inputs will select the enable, run, and preset selections.

This trip unidruve that the power was removed when parameters were being saved which resulted in an error in a user save parameter bank.

This is either because the resistance exceeds the maximum measurable value or the drive was not enabled see The drive should operate as seen above if the digital inputs are activated correctly. The speed reference is able to be applied in several methods. Follow it to the destination and confirm the speed reference value is arriving there and then through 3.

All drives are going to trip at unidrie point or other.