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NORME EUROPÉENNE. EUROPÄISCHE NORM. EN April ICS English version. Armourstone – Part 2: Test methods. Standard Swedish standard · SS-EN Armourstone – Part 2: Test methods. Status: Valid. Buy this standard. Price: 1 SEK. PDF. Add to cart. The European Standard EN has the status of a Swedish Standard. This document contains the official English version of EN.

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With a continuous process the quantity produced during an agreed period is treated as a batch.

Number of pieces 133883-2 armourstone: Measure the length L at right angles to the laths using the carpenter’s rule or the tape-measure. If this accuracy cannot be met using the above procedure the calliper 7.

EVS-EN 13383-2:2002

Perforated steel plate sieves shall be in accordance with EN The period during which the sampling is done shall be divided into a number of equal intervals and a sampling increment shall be taken in the middle of each interval.

133883-2 It might be easier to allocate each piece of armourstone of the test sample to one of the 4 categories defined by successive reference stones and, then, count the number of pieces of armourstone in between successive reference stones. Calculate the water absorption Was as a percentage of the dry mass from the following formula: You may find similar items within these categories by selecting from the choices below:.

The version has been reinstated. NOTE 1 Sonnenbrand is a type of rock decay that can be present in some basalts and which manifests itself under the influence of atmospheric conditions. The objective is to obtain laboratory samples representative of the batch to be tested but to have carried sample reduction at source so as to minimize transport costs and reduce unnecessary sample reduction at the testing laboratory. Examine the test portion visually and note any open cracks or other signs of disintegration.

Standard – Armourstone – Part 2: Test methods SS-EN –

The number of pieces of armourstone heavier than fragments in the test portion of heavy and light gradings shall be as specified in Table 1.


NOTE For guidance on numbers and sizes of samples and test portions for testing armourstone as specified in EN All sampling increments shall be taken at the same sampling point.

When reducing a sample already discharged onto a floor area 4. The volume, for various moisture conditions, is determined from the mass of the water displaced, by weight reduction in a wire-basket. Take the material in strips over the full width of the pile or in equal numbers of half strips from the left and right hand side of the centre line of the pile.

When this gives too large a sampling increment, it should be reduced by one of the methods described in 4. The floor shall be sufficiently clean and close-textured to be able to distinguish and recover the material of the sample from 1338-32 floor material.

Scheme 1 will be more suitable when the unloading grab is small in comparison to the width of the barge, whereas Scheme 2 will be more suitable when the unloading grab is larger. Sampling increments shall be taken from across the pile by removing, at random or at equally distributed locations, adequate quantities of material whilst avoiding the possibly segregated material at the start and finish of the pile see Figure 1.

The aim of sampling is to obtain samples that are representative of the average properties of the batch. When discharging a sample from a grab, catch all the material from one symmetrical quarter or half of the grab content in one or more buckets. Weigh and record the test portion mass, in grams, as m1. Name and address of party requesting the sample: The crushing shall be carried out with a laboratory jaw crusher.

Every stone shall be fully visible and able to be compared with the reference pieces of armourstone. The sampling increments shall be spaced at approximately equal intervals, adjusted to take account of the required number of samples for the load to be sampled. Any interruption should not exceed 72 h. The aperture sizes and the number of sieves shall be appropriate for the nature of the sample and the accuracy required.

UNE-EN escollera. Parte 2, Métodos de ensayo – Google Books

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Sampling method used see Clause 4: When using this table, the following possibilities for using em for testing several properties can be taken into account: NOTE 2 Steel slags might contain oxides of calcium and magnesium, which when in contact with water these mineral phases will react to form hydroxides with a resultant increase in volume. Sampling increments should be taken at regular intervals throughout the period the batch is in motion.

ILNAS EN 13383-2 – Armourstone – Part 2: Test methods

The sample shall be reduced if necessary in accordance with the requirements of Clause 4 to produce the required test portion. Samples may also be taken at the discharge from a screen by the same method. Ej no segregation of the material has occurred, the subsample may be limited to half the separated strip. Otherwise the majority of the changes from the previous version are editorial.

If these details are to be used for any other purpose than implementation then the prior written permission of BSI must be obtained. When sampling from a non-segregated stockpile, a sampling increment shall be taken as indicated for a segregated stockpile or by taking a quantity of material from a random location which is easily reached with the equipment available. Table 1 — Number of pieces of armourstone in test portions for determination of mass distribution Grading Minimum number of pieces of kg armourstone heavier than fragments Heavy grading: NOTE The required number of sampling locations will depend on the length of the hold of the floating equipment.

For details of these and other benefits contact Membership Tel: A sample increment shall be taken by catching the discharge stream in a loader bucket, making sure that the complete rn of the stream of material is intercepted. Determination of particle size distribution — Sieving method ENTests for geometrical properties of aggregates — Part 2: Again there may be more recent versions of the document.