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Buy DIN EN () Electricity Metering Equipment (a.c.) – Part 1: General Requirements, Tests And Test Conditions – Metering Equipment (class. BS EN Electricity metering equipment (a.c.). General requirements, tests and test conditions. Metering equipment (class indexes. Find the most up-to-date version of CEI EN at Engineering

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For special applications, other test levels might be necessary and should be agreed on between the user and the manufacturer. Table 9 — Relative humidity For 30 days, these days being spread in a natural manner over one year Occasionally on other days 6. For the purpose of these tests, the term “earth” has the following meaning: It may be a single-position socket for one meter or a multiple-position socket for two or more meters [IEV modified] aft 3.

Classification of groups of environmental parameters and their severities — Section 2: The pulse transition time rise time or fall time is the time from one state to the other state, including transient effects.

EN – European Standards

Eh connections shall be so designed that contact pressure is not transmitted through insulating material. Testing and measurement techniques — Oscillatory waves immunity test IEC During the test of a current circuit, the terminals of the other circuits shall be connected to earth and the impulse voltage shall be applied between one of the terminals of the current circuit and earth.

The SI unit for active power is the watt. Electricity metering equipment AC – Particular requirements – Part Tests — Test Db and guidance: Dr The operation indicator, if fitted, shall be visible from the front. The effect of transient electromagnetic disturbances shall be such that: For this range, relaxed accuracy requirements may be specified [IEC3.

You may experience issues viewing this site in Internet Explorer 9, 10 or The appearance and, in particular, the legibility of markings shall not be altered.


For the terminal block and terminal cover of such a meter, reinforced insulation is sufficient. Dr The insulation materials shall comply with the appropriate requirements of EN Allgemeine Anforderungen, Pruefungen und Pruefbedingungen.

IP51, but without suction in the meter; IP Information under e to l shall be marked on a name-plate preferably placed within the meter. For example of test set-up see Figure D. The standard values of the rated secondary current of the current transformers are 1 A, 2 A and 5 A, but the preferred value is 5 A.

During the test the 504701- of the equipment shall not be perturbed and the additional percentage error shall not exceed the critical sn values specified in the relevant standards.

In the case of modifications to the meter made after the enn test and affecting only part of the meter, it will be sufficient to perform limited tests on the characteristics that may be affected by the modifications.

EN – Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) — Part 1: General req –

Testing and measurement techniques — Power frequency magnetic field immunity test IEC Current transformers IEC The case shall be so constructed and arranged that any non-permanent deformation cannot prevent the satisfactory operation of the meter. Immunity to electrostatic discharges This test is not applicable to electromechanical meters.

Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings. Electromechanical meters for active energy class indexes A and B. It is advisable to choose the next number immediately enn or below in order to have whole numbers of turns. Dry heat IEC This document is not a European Standard.

It applies to electromechanical 05470-1 static watt-hour meters for indoor and outdoor application, consisting of a measuring element and register s enclosed in a meter case. Tests — Test Sa: It is submitted to the Unique Acceptance Procedure. Plastic and ebonite ISO If such small parts are accessible by the standard test finger as specified in EN from outside the case, then they shall be additionally isolated from live parts by supplementary insulation against failure of basic insulation or loosening of live parts.


Inductive voltage transformers IEC The application of the RF field shall not produce a change in the register more than x units and the test output shall not produce a signal equivalent to more than x units. When displaying the contents of the memory iesthe clear and unambiguous identification of each value shall be possible and, for automatic sequencing displays, each display of register for billing purposes shall be retained for a minimum of 5 s.

The test levels are regarded as minimum values to guarantee the proper functioning of the meter under normal working conditions. Dr The terminal block shall be so constructed that the meter during any deformation caused by rated operating conditions shall comply with the insulation requirements and the clearance and creepage distances within this standard.

The specified measuring range of the meter may cover the specified measuring ranges of current transformers with different rated currents. Longer retention time of the non-volatile memory should be the subject of purchase contract.

The other end of the voltage circuit shall be connected to earth and the impulse voltage shall be applied between the terminal of the current circuit and earth.

BS EN 50470-1:2006

Objects cannot be created from editing field codes. Customers who bought this product also bought BS EN During the test, the behaviour of the equipment shall not be perturbed and the additional percentage error shall not exceed the critical change values specified in the relevant standards.

Tests — Tests B: Each type has one designation only. Messeinrichtungen Genauigkeitsklassen A, B und C. NOTE 2 Where the number of ampere-turns would lead to a number of turns other than a whole number, the product of the number of turns of the windings by the value of the reference current may differ from that dn the sample meter s representative of the type.