Mater et Magistra has 10 ratings and 3 reviews. Marie said: Do you want a short summary of Catholic Social Teaching? Yes? Then this encyclical is very mu. La remuneración del trabajo no es algo que pueda dejarse a las leyes del mercado, ni debe ser una decisión que se deja a la voluntad de los. Encíclica Mater et magistra por JUAN XXIII La iglesia como madre y maestra. Sobre el desarrollo de la cuestión social. Calidad de vida.

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Mater et Magistra: Christianity and Social Progress

On this basic principle, which guarantees the sacred dignity of the individual, the Church constructs her social teaching. In view of the rapid expansion of national economies, particularly since the war, there is one very important social principle to which We mzter draw your attention. In the large concerns themselves there should be the possibility of moderating the contract of work by one of partnership. Obviously, any firm which is concerned for the human dignity of its workers must also maintain a necessary and efficient unity of direction.


As a consequence, it narrows the sphere of a person’s freedom of action. In agriculture the existence of two forms of insurance may be necessary: We are convinced that the farming community must take an active part in its own economic advancement, social progress and cultural betterment.

There are three stages which should normally be followed in the reduction of social principles into practice. On Pentecost Sunday, June 1st,he broadcast his message “to call to the attention of the Catholic world a memory worthy of being written enciclida letters of gold on the Church’s Calendar: These demands of the common good, both on a national and a world level, must also be borne in mind when assessing the rate of return due as compensation to the company’s management, and as interest or dividends magiwtra investors.

Encíclica Mater et magistra by cesar rodriguez on Prezi

This is the doubt that has arisen in many minds. The progress of science and technology enciclcia has already been achieved opens up almost magisstra horizons in this held. Every precaution was to be taken to prevent the civil authority from intervening in any way in economic matters. There is, moreover, an ever-extending network of societies and organizations which set their sights beyond the aims and interests of individual countries and concentrate on the economic, social, cultural and political welfare of all nations throughout the world.


First he taught what the supreme criterion in economic matters ought not to be. Emblem of the Holy See. These three fundamental values, which are closely connected one with the other, mutually complementary and dependent, are: Again, every sector of the economy—agriculture, industry and the services—must progress evenly and simultaneously. So long as social relationships do in fact adhere to these principles within the framework of the moral order, their extension does not necessarily mean that individual citizens will be gravely discriminated against or excessively burdened.

Those who violate His laws not only offend the divine majesty and degrade themselves and humanity, they also sap the vitality of the political community of which they are members. But lay up to yourselves treasures in heaven; where neither the rust nor moth doth consume, and where thieves enciclifa not break through nor steal.

The result is a vast expenditure of human energy and natural resources on projects which are disruptive of human society rather than beneficial to it; while a growing uneasiness gnaws at men’s hearts and makes them less responsive to the call of nobler enterprises. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. No trivia or quizzes yet. It is a torch to lighten the pathways of all who would seek appropriate solutions to the many social problems of our times. Hence, though the Church’s first care must be for souls, how she can sanctify them and make them share in the encuclica of heaven, she concerns herself too with the exigencies of man’s daily life, with his livelihood and education, and his general, temporal welfare and prosperity.


Mater et Magistra: Christianity and Social Progress by Pope John XXIII

This demands that the relations between management and employees reflect understanding, appreciation and good will on both sides. Finally—to take a world view—one observes a marked disparity in the economic wealth possessed by different countries.

It is a work, however, which needs to be increased, and We hope that the years ahead will see the wealthier nations making even greater efforts for the scientific, technical and economic advancement of those political communities whose development is still only in its initial stages.

We must notice in this connection the system of self-financing adopted in many countries by large, or comparatively large firms.

As for the wage system, while rejecting the view that it is unjust of its very nature, he condemned the inhuman and unjust way in which is it so often implemented, and specified the terms and conditions to be observed if justice and equity are not to be violated. There is also a further temptation which the economically developed nations must resist: Views Read Edit View history.

The almost limitless horizons opened up by scientific research only go to confirm this truth. As for the problems which face the poorer nations in various parts of the world, We realize, of course, that these are very real. Ennciclica remuneration, therefore, cannot be made to depend on the state of the market.

Their work has to do with the magiztra of plants and animals, a life that is inexhaustible in its expression, inflexible in its laws, rich in allusions to God the Creator and Provider. In this way, agriculture will absorb a larger amount of industrial goods and require a better system of services.