Ranging from Arabia to India and Southeast Asia, Engseng Ho explores the transcultural exchanges–in kinship and writing–that enabled Hadrami Yemeni. Engseng Ho is Professor of Anthropology and Professor of History at Duke University in the U.S. Currently he is the Muhammad Alagil Distinguished Visiting . Engseng Ho is an activist within the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and has co-authored a BDS resolution at the American.

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Rather, this was about people who very closely associated with Downloaded from https: Return as Pilgrimage 8. Did this inform your childhood and later intellectual journeys? You might not be able to understand the big things. I used to love building things from scratch or from bits and pieces of broken toys, so I thought I would be an engineer.

They had histories that were found oh manuscripts and one could study them across the Indian Ocean. I could not help but start working on this very contemporary phenomenon. In Southeast Engeeng, we see all these different diasporas meeting and overlapping. When I was following the genealogies, I realised how the same issue could at times look like law, at times like mysticism. How was the experience of encountering a completely distant and different land?


Where is your nose leading you next? The world of ideas was therefore stunningly new to me.

Prof Eng Seng HO – ARI

There are discussions in it about certain dilemmas, such as what do you wipe yourself with when going to the bathroom in the desert? You do not just do transnationalism or globalisation, because it is the rage today.

In terms of a strict divide, if you think of independence in Malaysia and Indonesia, the Ehgseng were kicked out as foreign occupiers. The dominant conviction is that these Muslim networks are quite invisible.

Engseng Ho – Canary Mission

That is a very good question. I am also thinking about how space and time can be coordinated but can also be disconnected. As a child, I was always afraid of policemen. Yes, one of the good things that has happened in the past two decades is something called globalisation.

It is about going Downloaded from https: I think this is a very nice way of putting it. The Dutch also intermixed until roughly about That sort of choice was quite typical for me: Yo essentially this was not about two different ethnic, racial, religious or cultural blocs against each other. It hit me like a sucker punch. They also intermarried with locals, thinking that their bodies would become acclimatised by intermixing with locals from the tropics.


Engseng Ho

You master the aesthetics of writing along with the ethnography of aesthetics. Then it turned out that behind it was an Arab, Bin Laden, someone from the Hadrami community. Later on with the arrival of totoks migrant Chinese in the twentieth century, you have a re-Sinicisation. One of the important things that can be done now is to show that.

The engsenb most notable achievement has been the infiltration of university campuses through lobbying for “BDS resolutions. After all this intellectual stimulation I was no longer interested in doing engineering, and I ended up taking a lot of other classes—I actually took all the classes on Marxism offered on campus.

One can actually perceive them when one can smell them. I wanted to understand people and I thought psychology was the solution. People often think that when we do big space and big time we go abstract. By doing so, are not you removing them from their indigeneity and matrilaterality?

Altogether, studying the Hadramis offered an interesting intellectual challenge.