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Find all citations in this journal default. Tuesday, September 26, – Partial renewal of Council of Nation: Algeria determined to continue efforts to establish security, stability in Mali – Monday, 31 December Qualitative and quantitative differences in proteomes were analyzed using two-dimensional electrophoresis 2-DEtryptic archibe, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis and database search for protein identification.

Using the LC-AOx method, it was possible to demonstrate that the extent of the antioxidant activity was very much dependent on the phenolic compound considered. Sonatrach signs two agreements on gas field development in Ouargla – Monday, 31 December Martine Bergaentzle 1 AuthorId: Have you forgotten your login? Or filter your current search. Wednesday, March 14, – 4: Minjie Zhao 1 AuthorId: Algeria men team crowned – Monday, 31 December Cloning of the amplicons and their sequencing revealed two genes with sequences identical to the structural genes of enterocins A and B, respectively.

A new analytical method liquid chromatography-antioxidant, LC-AOx was used that is intended to separate beer polyphenols and to determine the potential antioxidant activity of these constituents after they were allowed to react online with a. The method was also applied to the analysis of beer extracts and allowed the evaluation of their antioxidant activity at different steps of beer processing: CitePeer Related Articles http: Results of oil production cut to be tangible by end of Q1 – Sunday, 30 December In the latter case, please turn on Javascript support in your web browser and reload this page.


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Ennahar 12 03 2014

It was therefore clearly established that E. Locally manufactured plants in trial phase – Monday, 31 December Bile tolerance is one of the most crucial properties as it determines the ability of bacteria to survive in the small intestine, and consequently their capacity to play their functional role as probiotics. These effects are known to be strain specific but the achive molecular mechanisms remain poorly understood.

Lactic acid bacteria are commonly marketed as probiotics based on their putative or proven health-promoting effects. Algeria keeps continental title – Sunday, 30 December Amino acid sequencing of the two peptides revealed two class-II bacteriocins whose sequences were similar to those of enterocin A and enterocin B, respectively.

El Watan DZ — Wikipédia

In the field of probiotic studies, characteristic proteomic profiles can be identified for individual properties that may serve as bacterial biomarkers for the preliminary selection of strains with the best probiotic potential.

Therefore, unravelling the determinants behind probiotic features is of particular interest since it would help select strains that stand the best chance of success in clinical trials. Hopping and fermentation steps were ennayar main causes of this enmahar. In this context, the objective of archhive study was to investigate the natural protein diversity within the Lactobacillus plantarum species with relation to bile tolerance, using comparative proteomics. Our results, combined with data from previous reports, suggest that the two bacteriocins may be widespread among enterococcal strains and may play an important role in controlling the growth of pathogens archivr other undesirable bacteria in certain fermented food products.

Explicit agreement for this submission. Important laws adopted, intense diplomatic activity – Monday, 31 December Louh calls to fight firmly against corruption, cybercrime – Monday, 31 December The effect of a bile exposure on these patterns was investigated, which led to the identification of six proteins that may be key in the bile salt response and adaptation in L.


Among the proteins correlated with differences in the 2-DE patterns of the bacterial strains, archvie have previously been reported to be involved in bile tolerance processes. Bile tolerance properties of nine L.

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Domestic Tourism, driving engine for Saoura development – Sunday, 30 December Ennahar TV channel stops broadcasting candid camera programme Saturday, 03 June However, the increase measured after fermentation was attributed to a better extraction of polyphenols due to the presence of ethanol, rather than arcive a real increase in their content.

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Eric Marchioni 1 AuthorId: How does Europe PMC derive its citations network? Behnam Taidi 2 AuthorId: This study showed that the total antioxidant activity remained unchanged throughout beer processing, as opposed to the polyphenolic content, which showed a 3-fold increase.

Gene Ontology GO Terms. Thursday, December 21, – 1: Irregularities in Ennahar programmes: Comparative proteomic analysis of Lactobacillus plantarum for the identification of key proteins in bile tolerance. International Journal of Food Microbiology [01 Nov70 3: No matching affiliation detected. Using proper primers, chromosomal fragments of and bp enclosing bacteriocin structural genes were PCR-amplified.

First hospital therapeutic garden inaugurated in Algiers – Monday, 31 December Algiers-Dozens of intellectuals, artists, journalists and academics gathered in Algiers on Saturday in front of the headquarters of the Broadcasting Regulatory Authority ARAVas a sign of protest against “irregularities” in some programmes of the special Ramadan schedule of the private TV channel “Ennahar” and against “offence” to Algerian novelist Rachid Boudjedra.

Luc Didierjean 2 AuthorId: Celine Leitao 1 AuthorId: