Editorial Reviews. Review. 5 STARS: “First let me warn you. Do not start this book before you Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Enraptured (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove) by [Hyacinth, Scarlet]. First of all, big warning: if you don’t like a chick with masculine characteristics ( don’t let me go into details), you will not like this book. I think we. Lee “Enraptured” de Scarlet Hyacinth con Rakuten Kobo. [Siren Classic: Erotic Alternative Romance M/M] The son of the Alarian king and an unknown human.

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However things can always get worse. All the editors and people involved in producing this book at Siren should be ashamed of themselves and be fired for putting this thing for sale. Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. Cade finally sighed tiredly. I have never read anything by this author, but if this is anything like her other stories I can’t wait to read more For information on how a particular title was obtained, please contact by email the LJ’s owner.

Nov 08, Leah rated it it was ok Shelves: Light, kind of useless read which has abuse, but nothing that can’t be handled. Hypnotized by the seductive voice, Gabriel could only obey. Needless to say I ended up with very little sleep. They know about the strange world of humans, but it’s sort of a taboo to them talk about portals or anything related to humankind or the human world.

He needed to put the platinum blond from his mind. When he looked into those big midnight black eyes, all coherent thought flew out of his head. Wish List Gift Book.

He annoys the shit out of me and I’m sure he’ll do so even more when I read the next book.

Enraptured [Kaldor Saga] (Siren Publishing Classic Man Love)

It was driving me crazy, which is why I did what I did, the blowjob and all. The language and dialogue changed, I’ve never read “baby” in neraptured frequency, a hardcore BDSM novel descended into the most emasculating harlequin-esque hyzcinth I’ve ever read. Also it didn’t complete the story with the baddie and the fight was non existent in the story as well as the outcome of the king and queen but also we were expected to believe that one of Gabriel’s torturers would suddenly have a change of heart and some other characters also flipped enarptured a drop of a hat so they didn’t feel realistic.


There were parts of the book that I really enjoyed but in equal measure there were parts that really annoyed me. On his 19th birthday Gabriel finds out that he is to be mated to his worst enemy.

Destinies in Darkness, Part 1 MM.

Bewitched by Their Mate. It wasn’t bad, to sscarlet honest, just okay. Lucien wants Gabriel but is in Alaria for the purpose of keeping the peace between the two races.

While Lucien and Gabriel are working out their problems, Gabriel’s brothers, Kalin and Orin have also discovered their mates amongst the Xeetan delegates. Make love to me! There are better ones out there, malepreg too, still, this one held me interested to the very end and I came to like all the characters enough that I want to read the rest of the saga. Destinies in Darkness Part 2.

However, overall I enjoyed the story, and I think the world Scarlet has created holds lots of potential for interesting adventures in the rest of the series.

Enraptured – Scarlet Hyacinth • BookLikes (ISBN)

In despair, he decides to take his own life, but a chance encounter changes the course of his life, uniting him with Lucien, a demon prince. Somewhere along the way, the characters had taken rnraptured and it had hyafinth into a saga.

Gabriel lay on his bed, absently flipping through one of the many library books dealing with the geography of Kaldor. Cade grabbed him roughly. Started right into book two because I was desperate to know what happens next.

The futuristic world enraputred very much like a medieval “romance” setting, not the real Middle Ages, but more the fictional rendering that you often find in a romance novel; the plot is classic, the bastard son of a king raised in a monastery and subject to the lascivious attention of a villain, a powerful mage. May 05, Patricia rated it it was ok.


Quirky Musings rated it 6 years ago http: His life has been a living hell since he was sent to live at the monastery thanks to Lothar. Mending Shattered Souls MM.

Enraptured – Scarlet Hyacinth – Google Books

Gabriel regretted that immensely. Panting in exhaustion, Gabriel turned into the leathery embrace of his demon and smiled. Gabriel is an Alarian elf-like bastard son of the King of Alaria, who has been mistreated and abused most of his life. I think the first half of the book was better sacrlet the second.

Muestra guardada Guardar muestra Ver sinopsis. The Warlock Who Hungered for a Demon. Jan 30, Neyjour rated it did not like it Shelves: Show me that pretty hole of yours! All of the Voices. Wrong email address or username. Aug 02, Jess rated enrqptured really liked it. Some parts I felt were rather rushed.


But it is good and you won’t regret it after you get passed the first It almost seemed as if the book switched from fantasy to contemporary at one point and everyone started acting very different than it was first hinted at. Vivid world, complex characters, and an excellent plot.

It was laced on pretty thick there in the beginning, but if you stuck through it and dealt with Gabriel’s whining you came to find a truly agonizing situation that stood out from the others that Gabriel just HAD to cry over. Now we just have to patiently wait and hope we will see what happens soon. Time was running out.