U.S. Army FM The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills · Introduction · Warrior Ethos Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skill Level Buy Field Manual FM (FM ) The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Soldier Training Publication STP SMCT Soldier’s Manual of Common Tasks : Sure you can learn about combat tactics, but the survival and medical skills. As suggested by a reader. Of course, things might all just end happily ever after. Bets?.

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When your leader assigns you a fighting position, he should also assign you a primary and a secondary sector of fire. If you hear the firing of an aerial flare while you are moving, hit me ground behind cover if possible while the flare is rising and before it bursts and illuminates. However, do not stop and hit the ground m the open just co,mon 5 seconds have passed. Do not let anyone abuse them. If this makes the casualty vomit, quickly turn him onto his side, clean out his mouth, and con- tinue giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

To mount a tank, first get permission from the tank commander. This should be done from about 35 meters forward of the position.

When you must count higher plied by three. Use the dressing to cover a wound and the bandages to secure the dressing to it. Use foot powder on your soldoer to help kill germs, reduce friction on the skin, and absorb perspiration. It may last for days and cover large areas of terrain.

FM Combat Skills Of The Soldier | Western Rifle Shooters Association

If clothing and sleeping gear cannot be washed or exchanged, shake them and air them regularly in the sun. Silence PWs and do not let them talk to each other. By usmg either one or both of the methods, you should arrive at a figure close to the true range. This keeps them from planning escape and cautioning each other on security. Search PWs as soon as they are cap- tured. Then pick and use the camouflage material that best blends with that area. First, letyour eyes become adjusted to the darkness.


Do not let your imagination and fear run wild. You should leave crawl spaces in the rear cover. The following procedures should be used: Cotton items may be boiled.

In that case, the procedure is slightly different. Do not touch the wound or try to remove objects from it. Move well away from soldiier lighted area. The paper sheets turn dark green, yellow, or red on contact with liquid V-type nerve agents, G-type nerve agents, or blister mustard agents, respectively they do not detect vapor.

Do not overindulge m sweets, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and other non- issued rations. Leaves, straw, or grass placed on the floor of the hole will keep the fresh earth from con- trasting with the ground around it. Your commander will set prearranged meanings for pyrotechnics, smoke, and flashing lights. Seek medical aici quickly. Screw the fuze assembly into the fuze well with the fuze wrench. This will place the fingertips over an artery, where the pulse can be felt.

It has a range of 38 km using WD-1 wire. Most nuclear radiation in the bottom of the position is scattered into the position through the opening. Set the channel position 0 through 9 your leader will tell you which channel to use. You should not wait for orders to change the for- mation or the interval. Biological agents are hard to 21-5 in early stages of use.

Then, any time he sees an oncoming car that fits those dimensions, he knows it IS about 1 mile away. Dig two grenade sumps, one at both ends of me L, like gm in a two-man fighting position. Using authentication to make sure that the other communicating station is a friendly one. When that is completed, use the rest of the dirt to build flank and rear cover.


The rules listed below will help you use trans- mission times efficiently and avoid violations of communications security. The sudden light of a bursting flare may temporarily blind both you and the enemy.

FM 21-75: Combat Skills Of The Soldier

Deeper fighting positions place a greater thickness of shielding material or earth between you and the nuclear detonation therefore, deep positions provide greater reduction of initial radiation entering the hole. Push downward on the chest 15 times at a rate of 80 counts per minute. Build positions on the side of a hill, away from road junctions or lone buildings, and in covered and concealed places.

If symptoms persist, repeat the treatment, using two crushed ampules about every 4 or 5 minutes until normal breathing returns or until eight ampules have been used.

The cover should fit loosely with the flaps folded under the helmet or left hanging. To put on the dressing: Speak clearly, slowly, and in natural phrases. Use comon authorized codes. Don’t share personal items canteens, pipes, tootnbrushes, washcloths, towels, and shaving gear with other soldiers. Do not wait until the posi- tion is complete to camouflage it. You can spot dust and vehicle smoke at long ranges. If the casualty’s abdomen bulges air going into stomachapply gentle pressure on his abdomen with one hand to force the air out.

Although installing a wire network takes more time than installing a radio, wire lines are usually more secure than radio. In the defense, stay low and move only when necessary.