VAT FORM 8FA DECLARATION OF GOODS BROUGHT THROUGH COASTAL CARGO/ RAILWAYS / AIRPORTS. Dear Sir Let me know the purpose of issue of Form 8FA What are the procedures to get or issue Form 8FA Thanks and regards – KVAT Form 8FA. AplnId=/8FA// NO/8FA// THE KERALA VALUE ADDED TAX RULES, Form No. 8FA Declaration of goods brought.

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Subclassification if the fund is a management company check only one: State the Investment Company Act file number of the fund surviving the Merger: The security furnished by the petitioner shall be dealt with in accordance with the final orders to be passed. P7 notice has been issued in this regard stating that since the petitioner has used delivery note for interstate transport and admittedly the goods were being transported to Ezhupunna which is within the State, evasion of tax is suspected.

For Mergers, provide the exchange ratio s used and explain how it was calculated: Name, address and telephone number of individual the Commission staff should contact with any questions regarding this form: Total expenses sum of lines i – iii above: Does the fund have any assets as of the date this form is filed?

Forrm of status as a Business Development Company.

Classification of fund check only one: Having heard both sides, I dispose of this writ petition with a direction to the respondents to release the goods and vehicle to the petitioner on the petitioner furnishing a simple bond without sureties for the amount covered by Ext.

P7, as expeditiously as 8f, at any rate, within three months from the date of receipt of a copy of this judgment. P7 are sufficient to ofrm evasion of tax.

Were the distributions made pro rata based on share ownership? Unit investment trust; or. Is there a UIT registered under the Act that served as a vehicle for investment in the fund fomr. Will the remaining assets be invested in securities? State law under which the fund was organized or formed e.



Conclusion of Fund Business. The appropriate authority under the Act shall complete proceedings pursuant to Ext. The undersigned states that i he has executed this Form N-8F application for an order under Section 8 f of the Investment Company Act ofas amended, on behalf of the Direct Lending Income Fund, ii he is President and Sole Trustee of the Direct Lending Income Fund and iii all actions by shareholders, trustees, and any other body necessary to authorize the undersigned to execute and file this Form N-8F application have been taken.

Has the fund distributed any assets to its shareholders in connection with the Merger or Liquidation?

Why has the fund retained the remaining assets? Is the fund a party to any litigation or administrative proceeding? Securities and Exchange Commission File No.: Direct Lending Income Fund. Were the distributions made on the basis of net assets?

Kerala Commercial Taxes

Did the fund obtain approval from the shareholders concerning the decision to engage in a Merger, Liquidation or Abandonment of Registration? Business Development Companies answer only questions 1 through 10 of this form and complete verification at the end of the form.

How did the fund pay for unamortized expenses if any? Other expenses list and identify separately: If Yes, describe briefly the plans if any for distributing to, or preserving the interests of, those shareholders: Is the fund now engaged, or intending to engage, in any business activities other than those necessary for winding up its affairs?

President and Sole Trustee. If the merger or reorganization agreement has been filed with the Commission, state the file number sform type used and date the agreement was filed: State the name of the fund surviving the Merger: How were those expenses allocated? Print and distribution of sticker and shareholder notice: Were any distributions to shareholders made in kind? If Yes, describe the method of calculating payments to senior security holders and distributions to other torm Does the fund have any outstanding debts other than face-amount certificates if the fund is a face-amount certificate company or corm other liabilities?


Reason fund is applying to deregister check only one; for descriptions, see Instruction 1 above: If Yes, state the date on which the board vote took place: The Fund never commenced a public offering of its shares and it has no shareholders.

List the expenses incurred in connection with the Merger or Liquidation: Are there any shareholders who have not yet received distributions in complete liquidation of their interests? How does the fund intend to pay these outstanding debts or other liabilities? Once deregistered, a fund is still required to maintain and preserve the records described in rules 31a-1 and 31a-2 for the periods specified in those rules.

This is opposed by the learned Government pleader, who points out that the reasons stated in Ext. The undersigned also states that the facts set forth in this Form N-8F application are true to the best of his knowledge, information, and belief.

Form 8FA | Digital India Programme

Has the fund previously filed an application for an order of the Commission regarding the Merger or Liquidation? Address of Principal Executive Office include No.

Name, address and telephone number of individual or entity responsible for maintenance and firm of fund records in accordance with Rules 31a-1 and 31a-2 under the Act [17 CFR Abandonments of Registration answer only questions 1 through 15, 24 and 25 of this form and complete verification at the end of the form.

Describe the type and amount of each debt or other liability: