“The master is back,” the promo goes, “with his best thriller since The Day of the Jackal.” A bold statement: while no Jackal, this strong and. Avenger by Frederick Forsyth. Freddy put down his copy of the Daily Telegraph and sighed. The stock market hadn’t been kind to the Master. Paperback Avenger . Frederick Forsyth From the battlefield of Vietnam via war-torn Serbia to the jungles of Central America, Avenger is packed with.

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With due seriousness to the story Mr. But when the reason and price are right, he transforms himself into the “Avenger” and delivers justice not by killing criminals but by ‘ rendering ‘ them to the United States, so that they will fredetick trial for their crimes against Americans. He also takes many of these coincidences and intersections among the fictional characters and lines up a number of intriguing interactions that make this a brilliant book, which I completely enjoyed.

Avenger is a political thriller novel by Frederick I had never read any books by Frederick Forsyth, although I felt I should have done. Works by Forshth Forsyth.

The main character, Calvin Dexter, is a young man in the s who, with no better prospects in sight, enlists in the Army and goes to Vietnam.

They are all very good and can easily topple many “thrillers” if there was a head on fight amognst the books. Billionaire Canadian mining mogul Steve Edmond hires the Avenger to kill Serbian Zoran Zilic, Milosevich’s sadistic henchman for murdering his grandson.

This doesn’t mean that his other works are bad or average.

Quite a gripping thriller with an amazing amount of detailed background information about Afghanistan, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Islamic avengrr and so on. The first book of Frederick Forsyth I have read. This page was last edited on 20 Decemberat Armed with an overdose of information about Eichmann, the agents would once again have to confirm the identity of their man. But we are provided with a few sketchy details about him. However, a secret section in the CIA, headed by Paul Devereaux III, a dedicated patriot, is in contact with Zilic and trying to use him to eliminate another terrorist whom Devereaux feels is a serious threat to the U.


The narrative interweaves the stories of a number of different characters, which start out in different countries, times and places.

Avenger (Forsyth novel) – Wikipedia

Unknown to other US agencies, one “lesser of two evils” CIA director knows the whereabouts of the Serb and plans on using him to entice Osama Bin Laden to the surface on a nuclear bomb scam while looking away from his war crimes, including the murder of the American boy.

Isser and all the Mossad agents looked at the monster in surprise. He goes to Vietnam to fight the war, then to law school, marries a pretty Italian girl and aveger a beautiful daughter. Click on a plot link to find similar books!

It had been many years since Ricky Colenso had disappeared in the former Yugoslavia. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Widower and father to a murdered daughter. There is a proper intro and the man-hunt begins only after the half-way. The first act of the novel introduces Calvin Dexter, the main character of the story. Ricky Colenso travels to Bosnia to volunteer as an aid worker the summer before he goes to college.

Avenger by Frederick Forsyth (2003)

Anyone watching the year-old wheeze along the New Jersey streets could have been forgiven for not realising they were in the presence of the fittest, cleverest, noblest and most dangerous man in the world.


In the book he eschews psychological complexity in favor of meticulous plotting, based on detailed factual research. It most definitely stands the test of time as a masterpiece of suspense and brilliant storytelling Pages to import images to Wikidata. This will avengre bestseller lists high and hard and a sequel seems likely. So, when my husband and I were clearing out the spare bedroom and we found Avenger, I set it aside to read.

Following his discharge he goes to college, marries and becomes a lawyer working for legal aid in New Vorsyth City. All quotes and references are from the Bantam paperback edition. German journalist Peter Miller goes on a quest to track down an evil former SS commandant and gets caught up in a high-level Nazi plot to help Egypt manufacture long-range missiles to attack and destroy Israel.

Detailed Review Summary of Avenger by Frederick Forsyth

Mar 03, Paul rated it it was amazing. The way to contact him is to leave details in an obscure magazine devoted to antique aircraft. Through underworld contacts he will establish contact with Al Qaeda. He successfully manages to transport Zilic to Key West and into police afenger. But Edmond doesn’t make friends with the weak or the meek. Nazi officers were identified and caught to be put up for trial at Nuremberg.