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Generational Sins Series

I was really surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this book. In all the books I have read, Kat is the first submissive to actually be the strongest person in the book. It was abused on so many levels for 30 years! David and Kat are both in college when they meet, starting off as lab partners.

It isn’t until he meets and falls head over heals for Kat, that he realizes how sick and evil his father truly is. Curiousity killed the cat, and tonight it sure did for me! Now I am not trying to insult the author here.

Surprisingly to both, they enjoy the same flavor of love making. Just FYI, not a book to read for hot sex scenes because there wasn’t much along those lines.


Generational Sins

From the moment David meets Kat, he knows the nagging questions about his behavior and what is right or wrong will be tested. Blair starts her story off with a quote that really does capture – in some ways – the essence of the story, as blaid as being very apt and wise. This is not for the faint of heart They end up hiding their romance and eventually their marriage from David’s parents as his dad is extremely abusive and David doesn’t want him near Kat.

That was a refreshing change.

The Author didn’t put much detail. BDSM is not my normally preferred genre. I will warn you now.

Samantha Blair (Author of Generational Sins)

Kat and David are absolutely amazing together. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Generational Sins went far outside my normal comfort zone so I was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Richard is a controlling, brutal man blaig David must put a second skin on for, sleeping with a different woman every week because he knows his father will ask. See all generztional questions about Generational Sins….

Things progress where they have to keep their relationship marriage a secret from his Dad. This is not a book that I will forget long after reading it.

I was a little upset with the ending though and how rushed it felt. A beautiful and memorable love story.


Won’t give anything away except something major happens and it’s life changing for them all. I guess my ambivalence speaks for itself in that response too. The characters lacked depth. It was difficult to keep up. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks?

Generational Sins (Generational Sins, #1) by Samantha Blair

Sometimes Love Hurts For years David’s abusive father taught him that generationzl were merely toys designed to sammantha discarded after use. You have Katlyn Lake. The events in this book left me feeling shaken and uncomfortable. Smashwords Edition Please read with caution. But he wants to make his father proud so he starts to follow what his father says and make up lies to please him along the way What will happen when he meets Katlyn, a stunning submissive who is his intellectual equal, emotional savior, and so much more than a plaything?

I didn’t expect it to me just finished reading this book and this is the first time reviewing a book as well.