Business Maharajas [Gita Piramal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The inside track to India’s most powerful tycoons The eight business. Business Maharajas has ratings and 20 reviews. Sukant said: This book is the compilation of the topmost Indian Businessman of India. This review woul. Business Maharajas has 2 ratings and 1 review. Suparnkumar Sathe said: Great book. Tells you many things about how great businessmen run their businesses.

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In a bid to make companies like Reliance actually pay taxes, Pranab Mukherjee, the then finance minister, announced in his budget that zero-tax companies would have to compulsorily pay tax on 30 per cent of their profits.


Once the two elder sons had started sending money home regularly, Hirachand felt they could afford to send Natwarlal to a smart Bombay college. All eight share three common characteristics: Inshe allowed the import of polyester filament yarn, against export of rayon fabrics to assist Ambani. Making money does not excite me, though I have to make it for my shareholders.

Textiles is a trade driven product. To the poorly punned question, “We would like to have your last word on the subject,” Dhirubhai quipped: Doctors moved him out of the Jaslok Hospital’s intensive care unit within days, but recommended treatment by American specialists in San Diego.

If each contractor were to write to the other and then to us, we would have wasted valuable time,” said Mukesh. One guiding principle used was to look both into the past and the future in order: Do you know where Bhuleshwar is?


How did these men build their enormous empires? In Februaryat about the same time as the late Aditya Birla, BK’s son, was negotiating the purchase of Indian Rayon, Ambani built a spanking new mill at Naroda, twenty kilometres from Ahmedabad.


It doesn’t claim to be definitive or a Ph. The non-convertible parts were uoting at a discount ranging from 15 to 18 per cent. India is becoming a major pharmaceutical player in world markets because of the efforts of men like Bhai Mohan Singh of Ranbaxy. From to Marchits sales have increased from Rs 1. It would be a year more before Reliance’s PTA plant would go on stream.

Nothing should mar Nina’s wedding. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Piramzl account.

Business Maharajas (बिझीनेस महाराजे)

But he has disproved me by his resourcefulness. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I knew that we bsiness manage the business a lot better, make more money than them, and yet supply better and cheaper products to our mills. Ambani coined the term ‘the mega issue’. His use of the word salaam infuriated the older, established industrialists. Pranab was in the finance ministry, which does not issue licences.

We advertised and we were very proud. In the early days, with her husband shuttling between the group’s plants and Delhi, Kokila quietly took over the job of rearing their children and looking after the extended family, cooking, cleaning and ironing the crisp white shirts Dhirubhai favoured, making ends meet.


In the process, Ambani made Reliance India’s most popular company. On the technblogical side, however, Dhirubhai’s approach was radically maharaas. Everyone has to do his job. The government believed that India was too poor to indulge in synthetics and so discouraged imports by levying stiff customs tariffs.

He stormed the topmost orbit when he decided to invest in petrochemicals. Even the most generous dividend on a Rs 10 share would be less.

This greatly upset Birla, who had already found a U. The other eighty-two companies are being spruced up and with every little improvement, Tata brings the group closer to his goal of ‘living in today’s world’. It was time to shift from Kabutarkhana to more salubrious environs.

I learnt the hard way. Most lay persons at first believed that this decision was designed to help Dhrubhai. But, at the time, it was hard to raise the piffling Rshe needed to get into manufacturing, with sceptics outnumbering believers.

Their magic is not just ambition but ambition with information. As long as he kept moving, money poured in. After setting up our plant, their business with India has grown-they’ve sold technology, to five joint sector projects. She is also India’s foremost business writer. They are a study in contrasts.