Albert Speer was not only Hitler’s architect and armaments minister, but the Fuhrer’s closest friend–his “unhappy love.” Speer was one of the few defendants at. Gitta Sereny, CBE (13 March – 14 June ) was an Austrian-British biographer, The book was also later adapted by David Edgar as the play Albert Speer and directed by Trevor Nunn at the National Theatre in The book even. From Speer was the second most powerful man in the Reich and Hitler’s right-hand man. Gitta Sereny, through twelve years of research and through many.

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Why not maintain, as some do, an American exceptionalism, associate it with Northern European Protestantism and lord it over the evidently inferior peoples of the southlands?

Gitta Sereny

So even though I felt I came to know Speer to some extent, that he became an intelligible, flawed human being, I could never get the contour of the spell Hitler cast over others. He fell deeply under Hitler’s sway and der Furher clearly was attached in some way to Speer. The anguish of Speer is as the title suggests the central theme of the book.

This is a fabulous book by any standard and I can see this appealing to a wide range of people.

Speer carried guilt about his role and more so about the Holocaust. Genocide, racial and gender discrimination, and self-serving ethical double standards are still with us. It is these conversations that show us Speer as a person, the way Sereny sees it and not the way Speer himself paints it.


Albert Speer

For Speer this lasted until he died in Thus Speer’s activities are seen against the backdrop of Hitler’s rise to power, the onset of WWII and its duration, followed by the destruction and punishment in the end.

His Battle With Truth may be the finest biography Gita have ever read. It was the second of these books that attracted Gitta Sereny to the Speer phenomenon. This is encouraged by society. LOL But for what it’s worth it’s spefr great peice of history! The Case of Mary Bell was first published in following Mary Bell ‘s trial; in it Sereny interviewed her family, friends and the professionals involved in looking after Mary during her trial.

Gitta Sereny – Wikipedia

I was scared of that!! As a biography, I think this does a good job of showing Speer’s life, from birth to his untimely death. Retrieved from ” https: The grim realities of Nazism, however, soon began to affect her life in Vienna where she was, by then, a drama student. Sereny does a marvellous job of shining light into the darkest corners, methodically and insightfully peeling back the layers of meaning in a search for Truth.

His wife and children do not escape Sereny’s questioning.

Apr 08, Evan rated it really liked it. He says we jostle at the same trough.

Dec 16, Martin Empson rated it it was amazing. Nor is the book history in any accepted sense. Or at least that’s what the author of this book seems to be saying. Facts Speer was uncomfortable sharing about his childhood come to vivid life.


Thanks for telling us about the problem. The cruel childhoods of both Hitler and Speer may have been what tied them so tightly together, as much as their architectural interests.

Richard Overy reviews ‘Albert Speer’ by Gitta Sereny · LRB 21 September

This book explores the circumstances around Speer’s life and lets the reader judge whether such a denial is possible. I was born a generation after Speer but I fought in the Second World War, as a member of the RAF, and in its aftermath I was a part of the allied occupation forces stationed in Hamburg. The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books. His Battle with Truth Margit promptly fled to Switzerland with her daughter.

The poster of Che Guevara on a red background [8] is one of his best known creations.

After Nuremburg, Speer was sentenced to 20 years in Spandau Prison. In Switzerland, Gitta was sent to a finishing school.