Günter Grass: Die Blechtrommel (Buchbesprechung mit ausführlicher Inhaltsangabe und Rezension von Dieter Wunderlich). Original print of the cover art of the Gunter Grass’ most famous work Die Blechtrommel. Signed by Gunter Grass on the bottom right hand. the art of Giinter Grass, who achieves balance through contrarities, through a juxtaposition The angular line of chronological narrative in Die Blechtrommel is .

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During the German unification process in he argued for separation of the two states, because he thought a unified Germany blehctrommel resume its past aggression. Or was it the heavenly Gasman with the gas meter under his arm, ticking away. We must perform, we must run the show. So the author’s real life story resembles that of Oskar in a way.

The Tin Drum – Wikipedia

This theme has been loosely followed up in Cabaret and Pan’s Labyrinth. They will build rostrums and fill them, and down from the rostrums they will preach our destruction.

No regard for what others think, no imparity in our straightforward vision, we arm ourselves with nothing but a tin-drum, the distilled pureness of life, a weapon against the mockery and scorn of adulthood, this sickness called youth.

Cover of the first German edition. It was called blasphemous and pornographic by some, and legal action was taken gnteer it and Grass. While the tale might seem weird it succeeds brilliantly in Grass’s rendering. His favorite toy is Tin Drum – a common sight in war times, for armies marched on sound of drums.


In and he worked in a mine and received a stonemason’s education. The two groups live in reasonably good harmony both possessing a love of alcohol, blechtrommel and illicit sex. Let go of your circumscribed thoughts and enjoy the thrilling, pounding moments life has to offer. Around the Year i This last job takes him to a club called Zwiebelkeller The Onion Cellar where people are blechtromme, to peel onions with a knife prior to the band’s performances.

When there is firing going outside, Oskar spends his time playing cards inside. Onions and Potatos In the very first chapter, I was reminded of Midnight Children because of Oscar’s conversational tone of narrative – same as that of Saleem Shinai. Who is he again, you ask? He wasn’t the journalist who show us the sie face of war.

The main characters in each book are: My problem with the book wasn’t the confusing structure, the occasional nasty scene don’t read this book if you’re planning on eating eels anytime soon but that I just couldn’t stand the writing. Dripping with arrogance and wit against a macabre blecthrommel, The Tin Drum follows our sturdy-at-three-feet protagonist Oskar from his vivid recollections of his own birth through Hitler’s occupations of Danzig, DE and Oskar’s familial Poland through many other no doubt exciting and bleak adventures that I rgass yet encountered in reading.


The novel is strongly political in nature, although it goes beyond a political novel in the writing’s stylistic plurality. Powerful film of a powerful novel.

The Tin Drum

And he can’t get drums anymore. Return to Book Page. The bane of propaganda assemblies!

The rape of his Little Oskar’s grandmother by a group of Russian garss is described with levity and the extermination of 1, OstDeutsch that occurred in is never even mentioned in the novel. He also worked as an author and traveled frequently. He risks his claimed biological father’s life for a new drum – repeatedly.

It was adapted into a filmwhich won both the Palme d’Orin the same grqss, and blechtrommdl Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film the following year. The crazy characters are intersting and funny at first, but there’s no connection between them, and after a while their strangeness gets boring and repetitive.

I kept a diary in middle school and took great care to document events like the OKC bombing with the utmost reverence and professionalism.

He refused to grow up because he thought grownups were evil and he is constantly running away from world, looking for solitude – in grandma’s skirts, under the table his three parents are playing cards on or inside some almirah.