Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory: A Domain Independent Constructivist Model of Human Knowing. Bernard Scott. Centre for Educational Technology and . The model in question is partof the conversation theory (CT) of Gordon Pask. CT, as a theory of theory construction andcommunication, has particular relevance. Since then a substantial percentage of the software development of my career has been guided by Conversation Theory and the work of Gordon Pask.

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Both were right, but the Foundation chose against taking any risk, and declined funding. To understand how these active catalysts to authoring work, imagine the basic content-creation process for a subject matter expert. This is explicated in the next section on Contradiction Handling, which thwory a special case of the above. Consider that entailment meshes represent snapshots of a constantly evolving state of knowing. They saw that existing approaches to their problems were too limiting, and were intrigued by what Pask might offer.

My interest was raised with each encounter. The student is encouraged to learn these relationships by changing the parameter values of a variable e. Theody Studies, 7, pp. Conversation theory came out of the work of Gordon Pask on instructional design and models of individual learning styles.

The User Model can be configured by the author, the user, or conversatin the results of a pre-test.

No one can predict whether the terms Paskian or Conversation Theory will be associated with it when it arrives, and I prefer to avoid any nostalgic regret should that not occur in my lifetime. Reflected light of a particular wavelength. Reprinted in Ars SemioticaAmsterdam: And that is where I found my place: Man-Machine Studies, 5, pp.

cnversation My point here is that, if taken seriously as a modeling tool for systems such as conversafion and families and project teams, this architecture of conversations could become the basis of an innovation in software. I entered the field of cybernetics as everyone does, as an observer of my own thinking. We submitted perhaps the best graphically-designed proposal ever and were criticized for it. Conversation Theory, if it is to be complete, must provide models of mechanisms for transitions from one state of knowing to another, and the contradiction resolution dialog recounted above is one view.


In Commentary toward the end of Pask, [6] he states:. Back Of course the ability to generate different behaviours for different users requires sufficient richness of content from which to make the choices. Back One capture of the theoty of an argument, though without annotation, can be found at http: I was wide-eyed, I am sure.

Conversation theory

How does the software tell the user what it can do? I entered the field of cybernetics as no gordin everyone does,as an observer of my own thinking. For example, the implication below is that all responses had to be typed; however, the user could click on the text to answer a question posed by the software.

Conversations can be conducted at a number of different levels: Conversations can be conducted at a number of different levels: The fundamental idea of the theory was that learning occurs through conversations about a subject matter which serves to make knowledge explicit. Views Read Edit View history. When I met Pask I was working on problems of software user interface design.

And most useful of all, given where I was at that moment, I could read his papers and write code. Cybernetics can be defined as the theoretical study of control processes in electronic, mechanical, and biological systems. A succinct account of these operators is presented in Pask [6] Amongst many insights he points out that three indexes are required for concurrent execution, two for parallel and one to designate a serial process.

Such as system would serve up the power of a cybernetic methodology, capable of encompassing both subjective and objective interactions among system elements of all kinds teams, humans, machines, artifacts.

Conversation Theory – Gordon Pask

Explicit explanation or manipulation of the subject matter facilitates understanding e. Hans Lukas Teuber, talking psychology with stories of Conrad Lorenz and the goslings, was most entertaining. In this paper I revisit my excitement in learning a theory that gordonn immediate prescriptions for the construction of training systems and adaptive, personalized information browsers.


Once you go to the trouble of having a representation of a domain, you might conversxtion lots of useful things with it. Complexity increased only when the user had experienced what details were already expressed. Taking advantage of entailment meshes to produce the above features of adaptive, personalized training is not surprising, given their heritage in cognitive modelling and learning style research.

Then I heard about Jerry Lettvin, an M. Nicholas introduced me to Pask as an actor, and introduced Pask as a producer and writer for the stage. Given the underlying power of entailments, much is gained by even the apparently crude process described.

Gordon Pask

The User History consists of, among other details, a record of terms used by the conversaation and the system, topics and explanations shown and the current context of conversation. The Theory Behind the Model. Commercial technologies will continue to evolve and will move, I feel certain, toward what Conversation Theory could give them now.

This grew out of his work with cybernetics where he conceived human-machine interaction as a form of conversation, a dynamic process, in which the participants learn about each other.

A goal-directed system, and one which learned, and which could yordon constructed as an artifact, seemed somehow sublime. Undergraduate Times I entered the field of cybernetics as everyone does, as an observer of my own thinking.

Because they were about the production and reproduction of concepts, entailment meshes could provide a dynamic model of what it means to know something: The color of the sky is red.