Gunja, one of the poisonous plants reported in ancient scriptures of Ayurveda, comes under Upavisha category.[1] Gunja is used in treating various diseases. Mna Gunja Plant Seeds – Buy Mna Gunja Plant Seeds at India’s Best Online Shopping Store. Check Price in India and Shop Online. ✓ Free Shipping ✓ Cash on. PDF | On Oct 5, , Madhavi Hardik Patel and others published GUNJA ( ABRUS PRECATORIOUS LINN.) – A NOXIOUS PLANT -A REVIEW.

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Considering this, the study has been planned to evaluate the impact of Shodhana through Nimbu Swarasa and water on Gunja seeds.

Indian Council of Medical Research; The plant is also used in Ayurveda [20] and is said to promote hair growth. Abrus precatoriuscalled kundu mani in Tamil, Guruvinda ginja in Telugu and ‘Kunni kuru’ in Malayalam, has been used in Siddha medicine for centuries.

Filtrate was concentrated to 5 ml and used for spotting. Abrus precatorius has different names in various Indian and other languages. In Florida in particular, the plant has invaded undisturbed pinelands and hammocks, including the vulnerable pine rocklands. Phytochemical Dictionary of the Leguminosae, Volume 1.

It might be due to the extraction of more soluble mass from the seeds by Nimbu Swarasa than water. Home how to grow and care Gunja. Materials and Methods Collection of drug The plant Gunja was identified by expert plant taxonomist with the help of different flora and its mature seed red variety was personally collected from surrounding places of Jamnagar, Gujarat in their natural habitat, during the month of November January Wikimedia Commons has media related to Jequirity.


Jewelry-making with jequirity seeds is dangerous, and there have been cases of death by a finger-prick while boring the seeds for beadwork. Short UV nm. This study revealed differences in physico-chemical parameters of purified samples, in comparison to raw drugs. The relevant portion is cited to Dr.

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The red variety with black eye is the most common, but there are black, white and green varieties as well. The leaves, when mixed with honey, are applied to swellings, and in Jamaica are used as a substitute for tea. OpenStreetMap – Google Earth. Presence of one R f value 0. Finally, to prevent softening, they were waterproofed by “burying them for a night in some sort of animal grease.

A native, promised a reduced sentence for the poisoning of a fellow villager’s bullock in exchange for his testimony, demonstrated the technique. Dinesh Valke from Thane, India. It is being observed that all samples are having acidic pH. Plsnt of media Matured fruits of Nimbu were collected from the local market and juice was extracted manually.

After boiling for 3 h, the seeds were taken out from pottali and washed with lukewarm water. Turner and Henderson, Sydney.


Ingestion of a single seed, well chewed, can be fatal to both adults and children. Abrus precatorius Scientific classification Kingdom: Symptoms of poisoning include nausea, vomiting, convulsions, liver failure, and death, usually after several days.

Abrus precatorius – Wikipedia

Compendium of Indian medicinal plants; p. Indian Medicinal Plants; p. Table 4 R f values in short UV nm of the methanolic extract of all three samples. Methanolic extract of RGS Track Leaves alternate, cm long, even-pinnately compound with pairs of leaflets, these oval to oblong, to 1. The seeds of abrus precatorius are much valued in native jewelry for their bright coloration.

Abrus precatorius-Gunja

Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office; The developed plate was scanned to obtain densitogram in visible range from nm to nm with nm interval. Procedure Hundred grams of RGS were kept in a muslin cloth and made into a Pottaliwhich was immersed in a steel vessel that is filled with Nimbu Swarasa.

In this study, an attempt guunja been made to carry out Shodhana of Gunja seeds using Nimbu Swarasa and water. Organoleptic characters plwnt raw, Nimbu Shodhita and water Shodhita Gunja seed powder.