Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts is a great timesaver for GMs trying to introduce players to GURPS that might be bogged down in analysis. The GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts lightly armed thug. Loadout lenses provide choices web page is for subsets . Get the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts – Warehouse 23 MARTIN and JACOB WALKER An e23 Sourcebook for GURPS STEVE JACKSON GAMES.

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Elementals — Sun Jul 18, Also, a generic “Group Kit” with some necessities loadoits all groups need, but don’t need N copies of. It contains templates, traits, and equipment. All packages are shown by default, add filtering terms only if you wish to narrow the list of shown packages. Flamethrower Guy and Monk Swordsman.

This halfling has wilderness experience, possibly from being dragged all over hells half acres by a bunch of inconsiderate dwarves. Load it after the Basic Set 3rd Ed.

Let’s GURPS: Review: Dungeon Fantasy Loadouts

They value being enduring over being reasonable, and prefer a direct approach over subtlety their tendency to rattle and squeak usually ruins subtle efforts. See more at http: So why waste valuable gaming time on it? Fantasy Folk for 4th Edition — Thu Apr 26, Take your sorcerer into the dungeon. A work in progress datafile for the new Horror 4E book.

It almost feels like it was a missing element of the original templates when I look fsntasy them now, they are so useful. Revised data file more compatible with GCA4 and its sheets.


A large group of Kabeiroi duhgeon degenerates into a loud argument. Type Characters Data files Sheets Sheet profiles. All pull-quotes and art are especially appropriate, with no glaring flaws in that department. They are, in fact, formatted excellently for all concerns, all classes are on their own pages, the group loadout has checkmarks to assign bits of dungdon to each delver, a very usable gugps section but I just don’t need it.

Add Divine Favor to your dungeon crawls. Each of those headings is prescribed a singular loadout. Kobold Racial Template — Tue Sep 11, Enter Dungeon Fantasy Justiciar — Fri Mar 04, First attempt at a 4e conversion for Albedo based on http: This is a data file for DF 14 Psi.

Preview of the PDF. The gear in each loadout is itemized, each piece annotated with cost and weight, a page reference, and brief stats. This data file contains the Monster Slaver template and some equipment items from Pyramid Dungeon Fantasy is about killing things and taking their stuff, not dying of boredom while shopping for stuff.

Elementals — Sun Jul 18, There’s no fluff at all. Some martial classes have sub-loadouts for particular weapon choices.

Grimoire Small — Mon Dec 01, The current draft doesn’t include monsters, and a few pieces of equipment are omitted. A set of templates from the third edition Prime Directive book that didn’t make it into the fourth edition.

This book is a surprise to me. This data file contains the Monster Slaver template and some equipment items from Pyramid But wait, there’s more! No corners are cut. Fantasy Folk for 4th Edition — Thu Apr 26, Halfling Burglar — Tue Aug 31, He hits people in the back of the head with a flail and feels better about himself afterwards.


These Conversions are unofficial which made them unsuitable for inclusion in the data files that came in the December data update.

GCA Repository

Leave the accounting for later, when you come home with the loot! A large group of Kabeiroi usually degenerates into a loud argument. But he can cleave a man in twain with one felled swoop dingeon his huge Silver Turps, Mygravnia.

First attempt at a 4e conversion for Albedo based on http: Sean Punch 54 pages. Now you can more easily create and equip characters for the self appointed good guys of the star fleet universe. Kobold Racial Template — Tue Sep 11, I am very surprised fantssy how useful this book is, and kinda wish I bought it sooner.

Inside are rules for artificers’ tool vests, camouflage clothing, exotic weapons, partial armor, repeating pistol crossbows, and styled holy-warrior garb. Posted by Benjamin Gauronskas at The first chapter starts with a guide to reading the loadouts. This data file contains templates of the equipment loadouts from DF I have loaded up a new version that includes shattersand.