GURPS Reign Of Steel was a GURPS setting book released in and since republished in electronic form, offering one of the bleakest depictions of the. Reign of Steel, like most GURPS “setting” books, paradoxically manages to be interesting and refreshing and yet fail anyway, though for reasons that cannot be . With a hat-tip to Paranoia, the second printing of GURPS Reign of Steel starts off with the note “The Computer Is Not Your Friend”. Designed for.

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Smugglers, criminals and black marketeers or the thugs who protect them. It’s a man-sized skeletal machine with a big metal skull for a head with a mounted speaker and two eyes. It has its big robot nose where it doesn’t belong and then some, gleefully devouring military information, political information and human data.

Brisbane couldn’t care less about its economy. Vancouver is home to the Human Liberation Army, a collection of likeminded guerilla cells scattered through the zone. Vancouver is figuring them to be a big threat, and it’s correct. Deep Space,” David L.

There is no gurpx number for how many loose humans there are in its zone, but whenever it gets a report Overmind responds with legions of exterminators and carpet-bombing with chemicals and biological weapons.

The latter are probably to make them feel and look more human.

GURPS Reign Of Steel (Tabletop Game) – TV Tropes

Or maybe you were an astronaut and are living on Earth; the game assumes this is for campaign gurpss Tranquility. Beijing, befitting controlling China, has 6 million human slaves. But that might be a big mistake, especially if it only views wteel help of man as a means to an end. I don’t have the stats for this one either, but the Bishonen is a humanoid robot that looks surprisingly like Atomic Robo pictured below.

So Vancouver has been sending cats to kill cats using what it calls Zonegangs. At least there’s a resistance group of people called GRRL who are working to put an end to the Reproductive Laws through hacking the records of citizens or wteel them with resources or at the extreme end, attacking governmental figures and buildings. This is predominantly so the AIs can actually have stats if you want them to.

Peanut-shaped and roughly the size of rwign basketball, the Spybot is a cheap, expendable mobile recon device. Vancouver believed it was sabotage by human guerillas until an entire robofac complex built near the Moscow border went rogue. You could retrofit them with thrusters but I guess the weapons it comes with aren’t too conducive to space combot. Gang violence and steeel are rampant and the SPAs are heavily patrolled by aerial machines to prevent escapes.


Zonegangs are bounty hunters who kill or capture free humans for Vancouver with payouts of food and goods corresponding to a bounty system.

GURPS Reign of Steel – Wikipedia

Moscow prefers scientific papers, cultural touchstones, religious doctrines and science fiction and prioritizes collecting them. Everything else is just a result of their environment or creation or both: Organic processing, of course, is systematic termination of humans within camps.

The nature of the laws result steeel systemic discrimination inherent in the system; women are required to gurpps like men, even while pregnant, and they’re being passed over for high-level positions stel to the laws.

A couple hundred of them are lead by an Israeli battlesuit trooper and the deceased sheikh’s son, and they’re recruiting anyone of any faith to bring down Tel Aviv’s heretical claims. Each Zone was named after the rign where its controlling AI was located. Zone Moscow’s agents abroad, Collectors are inserted into Zones or communities and collect materials for Moscow. A lot a lot.

It never got the factory materials it was supposed to get to become self sufficient due to the war and due to the Luna AI opening the airlocks and venting the atmosphere.

The Redjack is a generic male model of recon android used for a variety of things.

Second, Moscow treats its 3 million humans as a useful peripheral system and while it does use slave camps, Moscow is relatively pro-human and doesn’t actively hunt them. Reputation zone robotspossible Patron in the form of a Zonemind’s AU. They don’t og often and some of them are survivalists who managed to ride out the end of civilization. Berlin was one of the first AIs to be awakened and it incorporated a lot of Green Party politics in the computer it was born in.

New Delhi has its own low-orbit station called Kali that it uses for its own experiments, telling Orbital to go eat a dick.

Personally responsible for the Pan-Asian Flu, Vancouver made life hell for humans on the west coast and was eventually awarded that area and a bonus. You know the turrets from Portal? It relies heavily on solar power and fusion reactors for the cleanest possible energy sources.


Unfortunately, its execution of its interests follow the school of Dr. Humans in camps are generally judged and those with sufficient intelligence and aptitude are offered the opportunity to move up from work detail to work in The Library.

The other is the Red Dawn with 5, a crypto-Maoist group with roots in a Peruvian guerilla group who are in the Andes and nobody really likes them because they’re those guys when it comes to South American resistance groups with political ideologies. It allegedly did not know the facility was rogue, and a trade deal to get a couple hundred combat vehicles painted by the facility resulted in the rogue facility stealing the vehicles. However, Washington’s trade has put it on good terms with a choice few other AIs like Caracas, Moscow and Paris maybe London but who can tell with that Zone.

Its big plan, specifically, is to attack London and Washington the two zones that tolerate humans and don’t keep them in any camps at all using exterminators built with parts from Overmind and Mexico City.

GURPS Reign of Steel

Long story short, it’s waging a slow campaign of psychological warfare against its mostly overseas neighbor to reclaim what it considers to belong to Moscow but without breaking the rules.

Zaire does not keep slaves; its exterminators shoot to kill. The GM is encouraged to pull punches by having an experiment go terribly wrong or find a way to escape. They’re very dangerous, cunning enemies. A Judas Goat is a sole Zoneganger who xteel alone and lures people into traps and danger.

Despite Denver’s curiosities, Zone Denver is a bad place for humans.

Sean Punch black-and-white pages, softcover. As populations dropped workers and soldiers began to become scarce, leading the way to widespread development of automated factories and military equipment.

Either way, Zaire’s not about to stop its plan and stwel got plenty of free time to continue working the other zones against each other to try and spark a shift or excuse to go to war and kill all humans. They are surprisingly dangerous enemies for an enemy described as “trash can shaped”.