Related. Sripad Sadhu Maharaja explaining “Sri Guru Carana Padma”In “Audio”. New booklet – “Reflections on bhakti-tattva”In “bhakti-tattva” I am a disciple of Sri Srimat Radhakunda Mahanta Pandit Ananta das Babaji. Sri Guru Tattva Vijnana & Sri Bhakta Tattva Vijnana by Pandit Sri Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj. Srila Ananta das Babaji Maharaj We shall briefly discuss śrī-guru-tattva. If one understands the gravity of śrī-guru-tattva, there will be no doubt concerning the.

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If the disciple does not think like that, he might consider the Guru to be an ordinary mortal being, and that will result into a great offence which will make all atttva sadhana bhajana fruitless, like the bath of an elephant.

On the other hand, a person who desires to be known as a Guru may have many virtues, like high birth and so on, but if he does not have the above mentioned characteristics, he will not be counted amongst the bona fide Gurus. Like Liked by 1 person. Email required Address never made public. This is factually not the opinion of the Gosvamis.

Sri Bhakti-Tattva-Vijnana (Srila Ananta das Babaji) | Amrita-Tarangini

What does tattva word guru mean? Please contact my godbrothers at Radhakunda. By instructing the conditioned souls in the practice of bhajana, they destroy their miserable condition and they are eager to bless them by giving them the relish of bhakti rasa.

I am lost and I really need some help here. I will never forget you.

Diksha is necessary, but it gjru take some time for you…no problem My Gurudeva will not come to the West, but Sadhu Maharaja comes often. Therefore He does not teach the devotee as the caitya guru.


Sri Ananta Das Babaji

You should consider the acarya, meaning the Guru, to be Me Myself, and never disrespect him. Thus he has become so powerful that he is able to bring the disciple onto the path of bhakti and infuse this power within him. Sections of this page. Always nice to start my day here, after morning sadhana…I guess the reading would count as sadhana as well. They only want the happiness of their Swamini Radhika.

This kind of sadhaka, who is especially fixed in his service to the Guru, is called vaisishtya lipsu by Srimat Jiva Gosvamipada. This Guru-potency awakens within a saint in the following way — those who have removed the dirt from their hearts through their practice of sadhana bhajana; in whose hearts bhakti has awakened and who have become ornamented by saintly qualities such as compassion and kindness — their hearts melt when they see the misery the conditioned souls go through in the material world of maya.

Everything is there — we only have to reach our target. I thought it would be Babaji Maharaja or Sripad Sadhu Maharaja, but that feels like it is slipping away too.

Sri Bhakti-Tattva-Vijnana (Srila Ananta das Babaji)

Of the three playgrounds of Sri Krishna — Vrindavana, Mathura and Dvaraka, the greatest attribute of Godhead — sweetness — is manifest in Sri Vrindavana, where Sri Krishna plays like a cowherd boy. If it is necesary to take a learned and experienced teacher to learn something in this mundane world, then it is needless to say that one needs a Guru to learn bhakti, which is the highest science in the spiritual world, from.

The Guru is the special devotee-manifestation of the Lord. Needless to say, to acquire spiritual knowledge about bhakti, a teacher is also required. The practising devotee fulfills a main human pursuit by attaining the diksha mantra from the lotus feet of Sri Guru, whose heart is melting of compassion, being satisfied with his service.


Srila Sadhu Maharaja on guru-tattva | Amrita-Tarangini

One should know that before accepting diksha the fruit of hari nama sankirtana will be the taking turu the shelter of the bona fide Guru and his instructions on diksha, and after taking diksha the fruit of nama sankirtana will be prema. Goutam Das Modak Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. These stories are like elixirs for the heart and ear, and by devoting oneself to them, one quickly progresses on the path of emancipation and develops faith, love and devotion for me.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Let therefore no one be deceived anznta such an errant, un-scriptural theory.

I pray this finds you and your wife in good health and spirits. This, however, does not apply to all ordinary persons.

Kinkari means the same as manjari. At gjru places this hari nama is being given in advance of the diksha to purify the ears and the heart, but this is not called diksha.

You are doing sadhana-bhakti in anugatya of Sripad Sadhu Maharaja and my Gurudeva. Sonali Yoga Yoga Studio. Radhe I have no telephone number, nor do I have any email. When the mode of goodness increases, sleep is conquered, along with the modes of passion and indolence.