Hallicrafters SX Serial Number H Here is the SX, as received. Chuck McGregor drew the following schematic, showing where the cut was, and . View and Download Hallicrafters SXA technical manual online. SXA Radio pdf manual download. View and Download Hallicrafters SX service instructions manual online. The Model SX Super Skyrider Receiver. SX Receiver pdf manual.

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An interesting advertisement in August QST seems to confirm that the SX did not account for a large percentage of orders. The above hallicarfters were in place when the SXA production began and are on all examples found. Shown to the left and below are pages hallicraftesr, three and four of the multi-page advertisement in July QST that announced the SX Manual updated with new schematic and under chassis photos to reflect recent updates from – Part values are shown for capacitors inside IF transformers in new schematic – Hallicrafters manual probably dates from August the previous updated manual was dated Aug and the initial manual was dated Aug There is a possibility that the front panel paint was changed toward the end of – SN H has a bluish-gray-black SXA color front panel with light texturing.

However, most of the problem is caused by the user operating the receiver as a “broadcast radio” rather than as a “communications receiver. Realign the IF at this frequency and balance the crystal filter response for its three positions using hallicraftdrs trimmers provided. Finally, the Super-Pro can have a tendency to be noisy in the front-end when used with certain kinds of antennas. Also, the band switch shaft sx-8 a coupler between the oscillator section and the mixer section so only the rear band switch shaft needs to be removed.

Using the “communications receiver” method of operation has always allowed me successful copy of all stations checking into the vintage AM nets regardless of the adjacent frequency QRM.

These heavy-duty SX receivers are typically rack mount configuration. It will be fine for touch-ups hallicraftfrs not for a complete repaint.

For informal listening and tuning around, a few minutes “warm-up” are all that is necessary.

Hallicrafters SX-28-A Technical Manual

Additionally, many of the resistors can’t be measured accurately while in the circuit. For comparison, the bottom photo shows a reproduction bright-white dial. Kaplan Latest SXA serial number encountered: There are two common versions of the “White Dial” myth. The typical FCC receivers had a metal tag mounted on the front panel or on the back of the receiver for FCC identification.


I replaced T-3 with a good condition unit from a “parts set” SX Also, broad audio fidelity cannot be enjoyed in this mode. Moderate darkening of the dial. Note the red is a very dark shade. Reinstall the rear cover after wire brushing the remaining plating off of the inside of the cover and reinstall the pot into the circuit and chassis.

Hallicrafters SX

These bearings have around 13 ball bearings of. This allowed the operator to “see” signals that were outside the receiver’s passband and couldn’t be heard. Usually the Mixer coil chassis can be worked on while still in place, however a long tip soldering iron will be required to reach the chassis connection on one of the capacitors on earlier versions.

Tone control – although one can reduce high frequency audio by limiting the bandwidth on the Super-Pro, the HRO has no tone control. Most speakers are dated in some manner – ink-stamped on the frame or xs-28 is most common. Sx-8 will probably take two or three sessions to get the cabinet and panel thoroughly clean. Condenser box cover modified by enlarging the tube cover panel for better access to tubes seen on SXs SN H, H Front-end trimmers in RF2 and Mixer stages changed from air trimmers to ceramic trimmers.

But they could be seen on the panadapter thereby alerting the operator to tune to the signal for further investigation. The circuit utilized 15 tubes in a double preselection front-end on the top four bands and single preselection on the lower two bands. The SXA is similar to rework, that is, requiring desoldering of the condenser connections, removal of three to four wires per coil chassis terminal board and a few wires that interconnect each section to allow removal of each assembly for capacitor replacement.

H seen on eBay Latest SX serial number encountered: This will allow a constant flow of water and cleaning liquid to flush away the years of grime and dirt that are ingrained into the hallicraftwrs finish of the cabinet and panel.

There are usually eleven capacitors that should be changed in the RF box.

My H uallicrafters is running the 6AB7 and I notice very little difference in sensitivity when compared to H which has the 6AC7 installed. The photo right is H, a mid production SX, showing the typical chassis layout.


The front panel identification was changed to “SXA” in Novemberso HA must have been one of the receivers built with an “old stock” panel from intermixed stock. The SP Series was produced in large quantities although many of the surviving examples are in poor condition. These prices normally include the power supply although it may not be the specific “matching” one, most power supply versions will work with just about any Super-Pro.

Unlike National, a company that just recently went out of business or Collins, a company still in business though owned by Rockwell, Hallicrafters was unfortunate enough to have been purchased by Wilcox Instruments, a division of Northrop, in the early s.

At about the same time, the magnet cover was eliminated from the speaker frame. In most cases the back of the panel will provide the best condition source for the correct color match. Since SNs were not exclusive it’s hard to say just how many SX receivers were built until all of the gray panels were used up. Throughout production, Hallicrafters was cutting costs normal business procedure by using less expensive parts and construction. SX SN H left the Hallicrafters’ plant on October 29, – about two months after the SX introduction and most likely from the second production run.

On the positive side, the ham bandspread is the best that can be found on a vintage receiver and the sensitivity unbeatable. This SXA is owned by: The best solution is to switch off the AVC, increase the Audio Gain to near maximum and operate the receiver’s front end gain manually with the RF Gain reduced to the minimum necessary to copy the desired AM signal.

S-meter amplifier, first audio, detector and the last IF transformer for the sections across the front part of the chassis. Any other defective components would be replaced with good condition original parts. Performance of the SX with the R is fabulous.

It does not use the standard front panel but has a black wrinkle finish panel with white nomenclature. I totally rebuilt wx-28 SX and the performance is incredible. These wrinkles were stamped into the metal panel during manufacture.