eagle-i-thrust. Well part of it. Apparently they didnt post it online. Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar, via email and SMS, please enter here. ETGD9. 6 issues for only £ HAmmERHEAD EAglE i-THRUST Standing quarter sec at mph . IN-DEPTH REVIEWS · FEATURE. Jeremy Clarkson The Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust (among other names) is the second electric car that Jeremy Clarkson, James May Reviewed by Autocar.

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That i-thust, when you introduce the accelerator to the end of the foot-well, the Hammerhead does at least move, which in itself could be classed as a result.

In reality, the diesel generator can barely produce enough puff to illuminate one of the indicators, while the plug-in-and-pay socket is just for show. One of the hamemrhead convincing attempts of an electric car yet. Once the i-Thrust was completed, it was turned over to AutoCar magazine for an independent road test. We traveled the world in on 8 insane automotive adventures ‘The List’. Judging by its length, the team spent longer writing the release than they did building the car, and it’s printed below in all its hilarious detail.

Top Gear car – official press release. Published online for the first time, our roadtest reveals a British Tesla rival which combines challenging looks and dangerous handling. Metallic paint would be well worth considering for the Mk 2 Hammerhead; it could be called the HammerRight 2. In a mere 18 hours they transformed a TVR Chimaera interesting choice since a chimaera is a mythological creature composed of parts auocar a number of animals into the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust pictured above.

But ads are also how autocxr keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog – and keep our stories free for you and for everyone. You may order eaggle ready copies to distribute to your colleagues, customers, or clients, by visiting http: Litchfield Alpine A UK review. Join the debate Comments. The Autocar Road Test: I can see autocar possibly having some new users now. You must have JavaScript enabled to experience the new Autoblog. From pallets polythene etc and you autcar load it with manure no bother.

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You must be logged in to perform that action. The Hammerhead Eagle iThrust may look like a collection of bits eable after a hurricane has blown through a garden centre, but it is actually based on the tried and tested underpinnings of a TVR Chimaera.

Volkswagen Golf Estate 1. As usual, we give the vehicle star-mark scores out of five for its performance in various areas:.

In fact, why is there at all? And credit to Autocar for ranking it higher than the G-Wiz!!!: Top Gear Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust car – official press release. However, the styling is not driven purely by aesthetics. Treacherous handling, sub-standard performance, shocking discomfort, tiny range, awful build quality.

Here’s how to disable adblocking on our site. Select the option to run ads for autoblog. Performance “We failed to crack 60mph. In the interests of driving purity, the steering sensibly lacks power assistance, a rare touch in modern cars.

Top Gear lads build the Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust, an ER-EV to answer the Chevy Volt

Introduction This car, believe it or not, is fully road legal and, apart from its occasionally functional diesel generator, is also virtually emissions-free. Dashboard The dashboard, while clear enough in its fundamental layout, is obviously from a bygone era visually — we believe that it has been stolen straight out of a Fiat Aautocar.

If you missed it, you can watch it on iPlayer. In many ways it serves as a stark reminder as to how far things have progressed ride and handling-wise in recent years. It did, however, get one half-star better than the G-Wiz. Litchfield Alpine A UK ewgle.


Statistics Edit Reviewed by Autocar Top speed – Scroll further to see some of the exquisite detailing on this remarkable vehicle. Tesla eagls employee testing of its upgraded Autopilot hardware.

Perhaps too crisp, truth be told. The one area in which it did impress, sort of, was under brakes, and this was thanks primarily to its TVR ventilated discs.

Top Gear electric car – Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust | Autocar

The only problem with being the best looking electric car is that it would have to be better looking than the Tesla, which most would argue it is not. As for the day-to-day running costs, it should be pretty reasonable considering the price of electricity, allied to the relative ease and affordability with which parts — such as its shed door-handles — can be replaced. Many electric vehicle fans out there are constantly complaining about how long it is taking automakers to bring plug-in vehicles to market.

The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running. Steering The steering is, in fact, extremely direct, and although it provides no feel whatsoever through the rim, there is such a massive corresponding reaction from the various detritus mounted in the rear, turn in is actually very crisp once you commit to a direction change.

Some sort of rear view mirror wouldn’t go amiss.