Hans Bacher: Dream Worlds – Production Design in Animation (Selected). Posted by: Nagy Péter. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare. A happy note to close out this year’s animation book releases: Hans Bacher’s eagerly anticipated book about animation production design. Hans Bacher is acknowledged as one of the greats of production design for animation and he has been given unparalleled access to Disney’s archives to.

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11 Things I Learned from Dream Worlds

His work is a testament to his his love of art, but also his ability to absorb the best of what he sees. You will have a specific composition and certain camera movement. Visual development for a map or a game environment is no different. While it talks on the production design process, it provides tons of examples from Disney’s archive to support design concepts.

Dream Worlds: Production Design for Animation

As the map progresses, the evening turns into night and the rain picks up to a downpour and eventually to a hurricane. The feel of the place changes from paradise to terror induced jungle.

More importantly, lead the eye to the center of your “stage” where the action takes place. It also includes the research and concept-design based on possible stylistic directions.

Complete range of values from light to dark allows you to have depth and contrast. Games and Screenshot References: In level design and game environment creation they help to figure out how the environment will look from top down, how the space will be played and relationship between architecture and props.

Though this book has really inspiring visuals especially the author’s pre-production work on The Lion King and Mulanthe text is a bit rambling.


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When I was in college, studying computer animation I found a great book that offered insight into preproduction and world creation for animation. Focus on variety of reference that will help your environment creation.

Account Options Sign in. You are exploring as many ways as possible where you want to take your environment to. Yes, in a way it is fun, but more importantly, it refreshes the batteries!

Sometimes it is very easy to get the right reference within a short time; once in a while it is impossible. Rhythm and Style Variety. Filled with designs from some of the classic disney films. Preview — Dream Worlds by Hans Bacher. Foremost, focus on playable area and on space relationships between architecture. It is a feast for the eyes.

It is the focus of your location, a center of interest. You can define spawn points, power-up locations, mission points, AI zones, multiple and alternative pathways and how the player would navigate around your environment.

It is not interactable. In case you want to arrange the values realistically, your foreground might be the darkest, and your background the lightest tone.

To achieve the desired result, a scary moment haans a romantic scene, you choose the best arrangement of values. I’ll definitely watch some of the films Bacher recommends to study from. Beauty and the Beast.

When I created custom map Hotel Swiss for L4D1 and 2, the idea was directly inspired by a trip to a hotel up in the mountains in Switzerland during a very heavy fog. Bacher is acknowledged as one of the greats of production design for animation, He has been given access to Disney’s archives to uncover eye-popping examples of both his own work and that of his colleagues. His works are inspiring.


Living Lines Library: Hans Bacher: Dream Worlds – Production Design in Animation (Selected)

Avoid adding detail too early. The campaign starts as the sun begins to set with a very light summer rain. A good story dteamworlds the most important thing, but it has to be set dreanworlds a believable world. When coming up with a style and theme for your level or game environment look at what has already been done.

I found that if I just look hajs an art books for the sake of looking, I don’t walk away from it learning anything new. This book is well worth the money, actually not just to production designers, but for every artist. Flat color areas without a certain baher of texture can be part of a style, but usually the information that texture gives us is necessary to describe materials and creates depth.

You don’t need to show each object at full length; you create more depth by cutting closer, moving them sideways and into the depth of your composition. With illustrations from Bambi, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, Brother Bear and many more – it is a visual feast of never-before-seen artwork, complete with insight from the artist on how and why they were designed as they were.

The colors changed from bright warm palette to dark and cool palette.