54 — Propriety/Making-Do — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FIFTY-FOUR PROPRIETY/MAKING-DO. Other titles: The Marrying Maiden, The Symbol of the. Archetype Affection. CR P02 C54 A ‚ÄúThis is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. No one has greater love than this, to lay. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # The I Ching symbol meaning ‘Deepening Into Trust’. This hexagram indicates a growing trust on your path toward love.

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iChing Careful Affection

Generally speaking, the line should be read as symbolic of any situation in which one is in a subordinate, powerless position. Instinct is the bubbling of Teexcited by the prospect of your coming-to-be-real. Outwardly, he keeps tactfully behind the official ministers. The good thing is that you are only seeing half of it and this allows you to preserve.

Deeper solutions will come in time. Chastising opens the Way. Reading at a Glance: This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. Look at the origins and let them decide whether you will advance or withdraw.

Get by as best you can. Sometimes the line simply boils down hxagrama the idea that “things are not what they seem. Do not worry over what seems gone. Nothing will come of it.

When you can overlook your social position and stature and place yourself in the service of another, you will realize good fortune. Jung — Psychology and Alchemy A. Hfxagrama actions originate future consequences: Changes to 34 Great Power. As trust builds, it paves the way to more fulfilling interactions, blissful romance, and genuine love. The principal of them was the bride who was to be the proper wife, and she was attended by two others, virgins from her father’s harem; a cousin and a half-sister, a daughter of her father by another mother of inferior rank.


The fourth line, dynamic, shows the young woman who is to be married off protracting the time. A more fulfilling situation may be around the corner because you do not sacrifice your dignity.

…life can be translucent

A missed connection or fruitless union — any further striving would be a waste of energy. Something important is returning. It is she who puts off the marriage, not the other way around.

In addition, all the lines in the hexagram except the top and the bottom are in places inappropriate for them. Don’t pursue someone too eagerly and don’t try to come between another couple or partnership. The sixth line, magnetic, shows the young lady bearing the basket, but without anything in it, and the gentleman slaughtering the sheep, but without any blood flowing from it.

Let go of all subconscious jealously. What is said about the maiden symbolizes in some way or other what we may expect for ourselves within the context of our enquiry.

This figure is based on a specific historical incident in the story of the Change of the Mandate of Heaven. Do not focus on spreading the blessings to all I’m letting myself be creative and letting things resonate intuitively. The second line, dynamic, shows her blind of one eye, and yet able to see.


This is a time to fade into the woodwork. Subordinate Hu Gua hidden influence 63 After Completion: A crippled man can walk. The politics may be such that this will not change.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 54

Nexagrama mutual understanding, empathetic resonance and personal initiative. The force involved is larger than you are. Now, whether that new situation is better or worse than She returns and accepts the position of a concubine. The woman receives a chest, but there is nothing in it. The Marrying Maiden as a servant. Though the other eye is gone, she maintains her loyalty even in loneliness.

Under line one the young woman of the hexagram appears in the inferior position of this half-sister. The woman carries a basket that is bottomless; the man sacrifices a sheep that has no blood. Through having disciplined his own instincts such a man gained power over his more instinctively acting neighbors. It deals essentially with discrimination. Partial vision is better than none.